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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The "Take Your Speed" test ( click on the link to the upper right) is winding down and will run until Labor Day. If you haven't already taken the test which is free and takes just a few moments, please take a moment and try it. It will be a big help to the Broadband Committee.
Don't forget that September 9th  is the State Primary Election 7am to 7pm in the Life Safety Building. If you can't make it to the polls here is a link for an absentee ballot.


Anonymous said...

14.64 Mbps Download

1.07 Mbps Upload

Bill Gassman said...

Now that almost 500 have taken the internet test, we have mapped speeds for over 10% of Moultonborough. It would be better to have more data, but 500 is a lot better than the 20 data points we had when this campaign started around Memorial day. Thanks to those that took the test!

So far, we have only five confirmed locations that can't get either cable or dsl internet. This is probably good news, but we suspect there are others and solicit your help in finding them. You can email information about suspected unserved locations to iwantbroadband roadrunner.com and we will investigate.

There is, of course, no obligation for anyone to subscribe to an internet service. The goal is the availability of fast, reliable and affordable internet for all that want it.