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Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Board/Selectmen to Form Subcommittee

There were a few other things discussed and decided at last Tuesday's joint School Board/BoS beside the BRC gym/facility site study.
One important decision was the agreement to form a working subcommittee comprised of two BoS and two School Board members to look at opportunities to work cooperatively. The thought was for the subcommittee to meet at least quarterly and bring back their thoughts to the full BoS/Schoolboard who agreed to meet together twice per year. One of the first orders of business will be to look at opportunities/barriers in sharing recreation facilities and how to best utilize our current facilities. The BoS representatives will be myself and Chris Shipp and the School Board reps will be Richard Brown and Lauren Lavoie Sturgeon.
On another topic, Linda Murray was appointed as an alternate to the Advisory Budget Committee. Prior to this appointment there was a spirited discussion about the role of the ABC. Some feel that they should not be suggesting policy while others ( myself included) felt that they are advisory only and any policy decisions are still in the domain of the BoS and School Board.
Overall, it was a productive joint meeting and all agreed that regular meetings between the boards will be of benefit.


Volunteer Barbecue.. said...

The video shows A BOS member trying to protect what he thinks is their turf in financial matters. Our volunteer Advisory Budget Committee has deep experience in this profession, and is willing to donate many hours to this thankless job. This Selectmens power play iss a horrible example of how volunteers are discouraged. It shows disdain for their professional knowlege, a problem that is an epidemic at the Town Administrators office also.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Town website:

"The Moultonborough Advisory Budget Committee (ABC) mission is to provide the community and governing bodies with independent review and objective analysis of the annual budget. ABC’s review and analysis results will provide all groups, involved in preparing budget elements, with constructive recommendations on their planned budgets and spending practices."

"...review and objective analysis of the annual budget."

I was at the meeting.

Hopefully this comment won't offend the ABC ... but I agree with the select person that initiated the debate about the role of the ABC regarding policy ... not your charter!

It is not the role of the ABC to suggest or even comment on policy. Do that as a citizen, not as a member of the ABC committee that is supposed to look at numbers.

Of the four members of BoS at the meeting, it appeared two were "yea" and two were "nay" on the issue.

The mission of the ABC committee might even be presumptuous. If the town wants to "check" the numbers, go hire an auditor ... or are we saying the town doesn't have enough staff?

Why only an annual budget. Those of us that dealt with budgeting in the commercial sector, managed monthly budget statements, on a daily operational basis!

Aren't the department heads getting monthly status reports? How insulting is it to department heads to have someone without the day-to-day presence, advise and presume consent?

It's nice to play nice ... but get real!

Personally, this issue affected me when I was petitioning for articles for the 2014 town warrant on fireworks.

The ABC committee voted on those articles, 21 and 22 dealing with fireworks. Fireworks use is not a budget issue. Why is the ABC voting, as a separate advisory, to fireworks use. It has nothing to do with budgets. Why are they allowed to vote?

The problem is at town meeting, lemmings, will raise their card almost with any influence ... knowledgeable or not.

Maybe the BoS should do some soul searching, and review what the ABC is allowed to comment on.

Advisory doesn't equate to abdicating ... responsibilities ... supervisory included.

Anonymous said...

From the Aug 11 weekly Town Aministrators report:

Donna K will be meeting with Sue Noyes & Kay Peranelli on Thursday, August 14 to discuss the use of school facilities during the school year
He has only been asked to do this for the last two or three years. After the new member of the BOS pushed a joint school-BOS committee thru, our T A finally sets up his own, to keep his oar in the water. This the work of a control freak, who wants to call all the shots. Not a workplace encouraging volunteers....he should have asked our Rec Director, Ms Keuthe, and the M A Athletic director to serve on the BOS joint committee, not form his own.

Anonymous said...

Good planning dictates knowing all the facts. If in fact demographics are changing, it's time to hit the pause button and take stock. Facts dictating need for this facility are sketchy at best.