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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Selectmen Retreat

The BoS held a retreat yesterday  afternoon that lasted about 3 1/2 hours and covered a wide variety of topics. The purpose of the retreat was to set goals and objectives for the next few years and for the BoS to establish a cohesive vision for the Town and a strategy to achieve it. The meeting was taped and will be available on the Town website in the near future. A bit more work is needed , but I think we established a good framework going forward. We now have a rough sketch of a plan to build upon.
The facilitator, Carl Weber of Primex did a very good job keeping us on track and getting the job done in the time allotted.
First order of business was a SWOT analysis ( Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) .It was defined as the foundation to maximize our strengths to pursue opportunities and minimizing threats by addressing or understanding weaknesses.
This led to some general vision statements that will be further defined down the road by the BoS into a vision of the Town of Moultonboro. Where are we headed in the next three to five years?
Specific goals were then identified and the beginnings of a work plan were put on paper.
The top two goals ( so far) were given a rough timeline. The first goal was to develop a marketing plan/strategy for the town. We want to attract people and businesses, but we don't do very much in the way of self promotion. The second was around the topic of communication and disseminating information up and down the chain of command.
In addition to these two high level goals, quite a few really good ideas were put on paper and in time many if not all will be addressed.
Much more work yet ,but we left the meeting committed to continue this important effort. Stay tuned.


21st Century said...

We want to attract people and businesses ...who sez ? This is a chamber of commerce theme used by every town that does not have a lake. So we join the herd?
The communication goal is very much needed. We are the top of that chain of command, and our selected managers are refusing to share information on this site.
Hope the BOS truly stops the lip service, and participates in blogging lessons for town vols and employees.. The days of reading the posts at the town horse-watering trough are past.

NewBlood Needed said...

Hope we have not created another Blue Ribbon Report here. We have seen our Town Administrators ability to selectively extract bits and pieces of many reports, to support his agenda Du-Jure. I would be much more supportive of this effort if we had a T A more in sync with our residents.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to our Town Administrator for making this happen. If he had not pushed it, and scripted the process, it would not have happened. Now the path for the next few years is clear. Well - nearly.. It will either go in a drawer, or be picked apart piecemeal, giving the BOS something to do, as the town hall closet runs the agenda.

Motley Crew said...

"The first goal was to develop a marketing plan/strategy for the town."

Ya, right.
"Market" the town.
We don't want no stinkin' business that is not "cute".

Dump the donut shop.
Dump any "dollar" store.

You folks need to talk to Merrium Webster and look up the work "hyppocrate".

Hypocrite said...

To Motley Crew,

"Hyppocrate" spelled correctly as "hypocrite" would like you to learn to spell before you publish your opinions.

Think about whether any business would want to open or relocate without an available literate workforce??

Hope said...

HOPE Hope Kokas was at this meeting, doing her usual excellent meeting minutes. As communication was a topic, I want to emphasize to the BOS how important detailed accurate minutes are. It will be a required read, to find out where we are headed in the near future.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Maybe the TA scored well with this one! We'll see how the BoS pursue.

"Retreat", (a word) may be interpreted, in this case, as vision finding ... not "tail between the legs" :)

These aren't committee members ... this is YOUR elected governing body ... that make the decisions ... hold it accountable ... that's what they've asked from you.

"I want to emphasize to the BOS how important detailed accurate minutes are. "

Not Really! Not meaning to diminish the good work done by the scribes!

"The meeting was taped and will be available on the Town website in the near future."

Making use of newer tools to communicate ... and derive personal perceptions ... another good thing.

Minutes are fine for archival purposes, summaries, and regulatory requirements, but cannot transmit the body language or nuances of phonetic inflections.

"It will be a required read, to find out where we are headed in the near future."

Not if you view the video!

# 1 Should Be... said...

I would have liked to have a discussion on how we can turn out enough voters so we may have a valid sample of the voters opinion. This might involve SB 2 or more use of written surveys, mailed to voters, like the Master Plan update survey. We are at a point where a very small minority turn out at town meeting can put thru anything they wish. This worry should be concern # 1 for the BOS. The old fly home from Florida, or telling 80 yr old voters to sit for six hours.......both thoughts are pathetic. We deserve better.

In Favor of SB2 said...

The T A & most of the Selectmen are dead set against SB2. Town Meeting is their opportunity to hold court. Power is intoxicating, why would they willingly give it up?

Big push this year by some on the board, to push the proposed Rec/community center. No facts yet to back up the need for this 5+ million dollar facility other than the Recreation Director's lament...."it's my turn."

Dunn Deal said...

Listen, the new "new" Recreation Complex" is a done deal.
It's just not called a "Recreation Complex" anymore.
It's call a Gym.
A Gym with about a dozen rooms. Three offices and on and on.
All is a done deal my good neighbors.
Yes, the lake people can pay for it.
But my guess is that ALL of the taxpayers will pay for it.
Done deal.

Anonymous said...

2 comments - while this blog is helpful, it is not, and should not be the official source of information for town issues. That source would be meetings, minutes and agendas. Government is participatory, you need to show up to be heard, to be recognized. An "online presence" does not cut it. As we have seen here, and in other blogs online, anonymous comments rule, and that is problematic.

Two -- Why comment on spelling and grammar? Is your position that weak? Usually when one comments negatively on grammar and spelling they have nothing of substance to offer to the position being discussed.

Josh Bartlett said...

A free press has been considered the hallmark of democracy. This blog is nothing more than the 21st century's answer to the handbill.
This blog has more information and is better read than the local newspapers.
Some folks have learned not to trust information coming from our government.
If you don't like the comments - don't look at them!

Joe Cormier/jormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Town website & internet information age

. newer methods of communicating
. role of governing body
. role of legislative body
. participation
. apathy
. what the hell ...

Town Ordinances and Policies

Policy #22
Internet Intent & Implementation
Feb. 21, 2013

5.) Policy:
a.) Intent: ...

"The Town does not intend the site to create a forum or other means for the public to advocate an opinion or exchange the same on issues of local interest (i.e. a “blog”) and the Town retains total and absolute editorial control over its site."


Public Service. said...

Joe says: " the town does not intend that it's website will become a fourm ". Hevens No... They do not want to hear from us. That's what makes this site so valuable, public opinion can be promptly posted. The " Anon " feature does not bother me, I am an adult and can decide that I will believe, and what I disregard.
Many thanks to the people who provide this site.

Anonymous said...

I agree....thanks to all who post!

Anonymous said...

Josh -- I agree with you. My point is that this blog, local newspapers and other web sites, should not be considered official forums for governmental decisions.
Accordingly, there should be no expectation that town officials would use this blog as the discussion forum, that forum remains the specific board or commission meeting or town meeting.
This forum, like others, is the product of free speech, and the product of the author / owner. With all respect to the owner, s/he has the ability to control debate, restrict comments for content, and allow for anonymous comments, all of which are not part of a public meeting, and should never be.

Blog Fan said...

"2 comments - while this blog is helpful, it is not, and should not be the official source of information for town issues."

Reply to Anonymous 8:14. The blog may not be the "official site" but it's the only place that we can watch and hear entire unedited videos of most of the towns official meetings.

I find these videos to be more informative than edited minutes.

Commo And Records.. said...

Blog Fan...you can get thru the edited minutes in 15 min or so, and use them for a guide to locate parts of the video you would like to SSS for further info. Watching the 3 1/2 hour video of the BOS retreat is sort of like 3 1/2 hours in the dentist chair. Bet they felt the same way.
Mi fear that minutes were not done for the retreat, so if we want to find out where we are going, it's 3 1/2 hours in the dentist chair.
Another problem is no minutes being taken at the BOS workshops. They are open to the public, but public not allowed to speak, too much ! Decisions are made there..No Minutes ? Hope they save the tapes...

Anonymous said...

Yes...let us not forget to thank our volunteer videographers, Nancy Wright and Hollis Austin who, along with our blog master, Paul, give us a pretty full picture of what's what in this town. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Motley Crew said...

"Hyppocrate" spelled correctly as "hypocrite" would like you to learn to spell before you publish your opinions."

Do we really have to waste space here interpreting one's spelling?
That's the best one can do?
Absulutely unbublievable !

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite, hippopotamus, buffoon, psycho....STOP! Let's stay on topic!