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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Village Vision Committee Continues to Move Forward

A full committee met last night and progress continues to be made. Report format and outline has been somewhat defined and if all goes well, there should be a report in front of the BoS and Planning Board ( as well as the public) by early January. The next meeting is scheduled for September 9th at 7pm to gain some consensus on the outline of a vision and work to follow may include some graphic design and possibly even a landscape plan. The survey is also expected to be mailed out in the near future and as I understand it, will include a stamped self addressed envelope to return it. No firm date has been set yet.


Anonymous said...

One of the goals of the Vision committee is to hopefully attract new businesses to make the downtown area more vibrant. Meanwhile the Conservation Conservation hopes to purchase a Route 25 lot abutting Lee Pond and there is also discussion about two lots on Berry Pond. Where are the new business supposed to locate? Moultonboro will end up owning two-thirds of the Village, at least, acreage-wise.

Our Goal ? said...

During a speech to the Conservation Commission, the Town Administrator assured them that in his career he had purchased over 100 plots of land, and is an expert on it. Be forewarned on this...he was not using his own money.