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Monday, September 15, 2014

BRC Feasibility Study Orientation Meeting

Here is a link to the video on the Town website.


Anonymous said...

It appears from the video that the Rec Director's and TA's concepts of peer communities are only those that offer comparable rec programs, not population or any other factor.

Will All Be Settled by 200 People ?? said...

It was amazing that no one seemed to know the population of any of the towns discussed. Finding comparables for Moultonboro is going to be a " he said, she said." How big is the town ? 4,000 or 28,000 ? Depends on what they are selling. Any non lake front town is a different planet.
The Newfound SAU should be a roll model here, many small towns forming a union supporting rec programs. I did not hear anything along that line, and that is where it is heading..
No numbers either Pop wise, attached to the credentials the UNH boys reviewed....many were counties of 75,000 people.. Even in their home town Durham, population 10,000 or 12,000 ( they were not sure )they had to reach out to two small towns, to try to justify a facility. Will lakefront $$ enable us to bull ahead alone ? Seems to be the " staff " mindset

Anonymous said...

S.O.S, What's wrong with the town's website? We are unable to access the videos. Error message says not compatible with mobile devices. Surprising considering so many use IPADs and other mobile devices.

Can the TA please get up to speed and fix the problem or find someone that can so we can watch the meeting.

Samo..Silverlight said...

Don't bother with the video if you are Apple....Mac....it is stuck in Microsoft Silverlight...and the site says don't bother.. Perhaps Mr Blogger can help us out.. As our tactful TA said....he diddles around with computers.

Encoded ? said...

Hint for the T A....all the shorter videos play on my I Pad ..You may have to air this in two parts.
Microsoft Silverlight is especially good, used to post videos you do not want anyone to see..

Obscured. said...

This portends the future...the Final report is to be a power-point presentation....when we hear claims that 97 % of the voters wanted tanning beds in their new gym, the Power-point will be hard to find, and useless to use to refute wild claims. The BOS could mandate a written report, with an index, but this seems to be the T A's circus