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Saturday, September 13, 2014

BRC/Gym Facility Needs & Feasibility Study Kickoff Meeting Well Attended

Very good citizen turnout for the kickoff meeting with the Town team and the five member UNH team led by Dr.Bob Barcelona this past Friday morning. Almost a full house at the Town Hall meeting room.

The UNH team explained their methodology as a three step process as described below.

Identifying needs will occur through surveys, focus groups and a large "town meeting" which can accommodate up to 200 people. Information will be gathered from the surveys which provide a "wide angle view" of opinions. The focus groups of 6-8 people will fill in the blanks and then the large town meeting will complete the loop.
Most important is that we have a good turnout for each of the sessions as the larger cross section of the population that comes out the better the end product.
Although still preliminary, we do have some dates to keep in mind for the planned focus groups and the large "town meeting" .
Not yet finalized, the focus groups are planned so far for all day on Monday October 20th and the town meeting on October 22nd 5:30pm to 7pm, location to be determined although it will probably be at the academy cafeteria or the Lions Club.
We expect that the draft survey tool will be ready for the town teams approval by September 23rd when the team meets again at 2pm. The survey outline follows below.

Proposed Needs Assessment Survey Domains

1.     Study Participant Demographics (e.g. Age, Gender, Residency, Children Living at Home, Frequency of Recreation Participation)

2.     Recreation Programs and Facilities Needs (e.g. Meets My Needs; Available But Inadequate for My Needs; Important But Unavailable; Not Interested; No Opinion)

3.     Importance of Recreation Amenities (e.g. Very Important….Very Unimportant)

4.     Satisfaction with Recreation Specific Amenities (e.g. Very Satisfied….Very Unsatisfied)

5.     Prioritization of Recreation Amenities (i.e. “Imagine that you have $100 to give to the Moultonborough Parks and Recreation Department.  Where would you designate it to go?”)

6.     Communication / Awareness of Parks and Recreation Programs and Services (e.g. awareness levels, preferred communication methods)

7.     Overall Satisfaction with Parks and Recreation Department

8.     Appropriate Funding Mix and Service Delivery Models for Parks and Recreation Programs and Facilities (e.g. most appropriate methods to pay for parks and recreation programs and facilities, importance of partnerships with other entities)

9.     Willingness to Pay (e.g. for maintenance of existing programs and facilities, for development of new programs and facilities)

10.Level of Interest in Proposed Indoor Recreation Facility (e.g. to what degree should development be a priority for the Town of Moultonborough?)


Facts Please said...

That first paragraph is typical Rec Data -- they can not count. Here is a BASIC prototype for Rec : 45 attended the meeting, of which 7 were town committee, and 5 from UNH. When will they stop blowing smoke on attendance. ?
The UNH poster would have been ideal for a handout for the 33 that attended. Nothing was provided for the audience, other then the feeling that we were intruding on their planning. AND they wonder why voters don't turn out.

YEA Turnout said...

A very positive note on attendance to the UNH kick-off meeting - the Moultonboro Women's club had a contingent of 5 there, including their president, who offered to have it's organization provide members to make up a focus group. It is wonderful that we will get some public opinion from such a large group. The Men's breakfast was also identified as a group that should be invited.

Wolfboro Counts said...

Wolfboro is a good example of Proper Rec Data Reporting. Their town annual report is on line, and after each program they show an attendance number. Their weekly reports also have numbers.
They have also been doing a good job on facility scheduling....it is a larger town, with fewer facilities, but they cooperate And fit it all in, without needing night games.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, there were at least 10 from the MWC in attendance...we are active, we are involved in the community, and we care!

Where is WIFI ? said...

About half way thru the meeting it became apparent that the unannounced agenda was on the new UNH kick- off town website...under " scope of project ". No open public Internet at town hall....have been told there is public Internet at the library, but you can not hear the proceedings from there.

Tricky Approach said...

The final Oct 22 input session, 5:30 to 7 PM ( dinner hour ). Allows only 1 1/2 hours...and was further described as:
part One: UNH Provides content, they will ask many questions, and you get to click. Yes - no on your clicker. All this would work very well on the survey, and not take away my talking time.
Part Two : divide audience into small groups, so no one gets a sense of the entire meeting; and allow voters to interact in this small group. We will go home feeling we had a chance to talk....but to who? Final power-point report will have their interpretation of what was said at each small group
This is a facilitated meeting that will prevent any attendee, pro or con, to address the entire meeting.
Does this enhance the credibility of this effort ?

Anonymous said...

The blogger wrote this article including the attendance count; Hardly typical Rec Data. All were heard out so lets give some credit to the TA and Team for making that happen.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I have the feeling from the wording of various statements that select groups are being targeted. I have not seen or heard what the target focus groups are. I will volunteer to be part of one if volunteers are being accepted.

May We See This ? said...

Will the Town post the video of this meeting ? It was videoed on the town camera. It will be a painful 2 1/2 hour watch, not as slick as the UNH graphics displayed above, which were not provided to the kick-off meeting.

Hear Ye...HEAR Ye. said...

More Positive news from this meeting: last years Master Plan survey was mentioned here.. Said there were a couple of questions that were somewhat negative on the issue. That was fresh data...2013. Not the current tout of the 2010. 2011 Blue Ribbon committee of 5
Last years Internet M P survey had 683 responses, twice town meeting turnout, and by an approx. 2 to 1 margin said no more land or buildings for Rec. Citizens will have to press this issue....more definitive then the BRC

Anonymous said...

Who opened the public coffers to pay for individuals private wishes?
The school admits having one of the biggest sports programs in the state...93 games this semester, ..
We will have near $ 2,000,000 into the neck walking trail,
Headed toward a $ million on playground drive, $ 1.7 million for States Landing Beach.....when are we going to say enough?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

There will be a good number of focus groups and anyone on whatever side of this issue that wants to speak in a focus group will be welcomed to do so. The UNH team indicated that if they need to, additional focus groups will be scheduled. In the near future more information will be on the Town website as to how to participate. Rest assured that all opinions will be heard, no one will be turned away and all project information will be available to the public.
Please email me at ppunturieri@yahoo.com if you have any questions or need additional information.

Huh? said...

The "Women's Club"?
So, let me get this straight.
This "gymnasium" is going to be a full blown Recreation Complex?
Similar to the one the town voted down - the one at the Lions Club?
Just a different name and a different location.
A location abutting the schools. The same schools that own 100 acres?
Yet the town voted to purchase the Adele Taylor property - at taxpayer expense?
To construct another "Gym" - Recreation Complex.
For the "youth" AND the seniors?

Huh? said...

Oh, and an estimated $7,000,000. Seven million dollars.
With zero rooms or areas for the seniors?
It's $7 million dollars and nothing for the senior citizens.
After the predetermined "Yes" vote at the Town Meeting, there will be a movement/future warrant article for a "Senior" addition to this new "Gym"
So what will the actual total amount of money expended by the town in the end?

Not a Bank said...

Follow the money. Same shenanigans when RSPT came before TM several years back. They neglected to include all the costs to operate and the 9 people for the swimming pool.
Follow the money. The cost now. The future enhancements. The operating expenses each year. The added staff required.

Anonymous said...

Without speaking for the MWC,the members of the women's club were not there because they are looking for the town to spend millions on a rec. facility. They are fiscally conservative, for the most part, and are concerned about having the town taxpayers on the hook for huge expenditures for anything. We want to be informed.

Anonymous said...

To Facts Please. The Rec Director is capable of supplying meaningful data. Below is an excerpt from a 2012 report to the RAB from the Town website.
"Director’s Report to The Recreation Advisory Board August 13, 2012

We are wrapping up many
of our summer programs. Our summer has been a successful one. Happy Campers, RECking
Crew and Teen Adventure programs ended last
Thursday and Friday. We had 271 participants in the camp programs
(Teen Adventure

RECking Crew

114; Happy Campers–93)
. Tennis and swimming also wrapped up last week.
We had 76 people ages toddler-adults
in our aquatics programs. We had 22 children and
adults take advantage of our tennis lessons. We also had 16 (8 children and 1 adult per
child) participate in the Hot and Happy Program. We also offered an art class with 8
children participating in that.
Children’s Stage Adventures theater camp is going on this
week with 29 children enrolled and soccer camp is scheduled for
next week. Registrations
are still coming in for that camp.
We also ran a Red Cross Babysitting Class last Thursday
August 9th
and filled that class (numbers limited by the Red Cross).
We had a few summer offerings that had to be
cancelled due to lack of enrollment
-sport camp, W.O.W.
–Women’s writing workshop; adult jewelry making; junior tennis
tournament; the summer session of adult fitness (spring session did run).
Long Island Beach is scheduled to remain with lifeguards on duty through Friday August
24th, weather, beach attendance and guard schedules permitting.

In addition to the programs mentioned above we had a successful trip on
July 20th to Boothbay Harbor for the Cabbage Island Clambake with 37 people. "

The question in my mind becomes why did these reports stop, why did the participation numbers stop and on whose direction. One person comes to mind, the TA, as he isher mentor and provides the guidance for the Rec Dept. He showed up at the CIPC meetings when the Committee was trying its best to get participation numbers.

Sunlight Please said...

MR TERENZINI. WHEN may we see the video of this U N H Kick off meeting... We need to dispell the allegation that you were a bit of a bully to some in the audience.

Numbers Don't Lie ( but ) said...

Posted at 9:38. If the numbers do not support his agenda, they become much harder to find. There was some confusion over the numbers you just shared. It was said that the numbers were just sign up data, not actual attendance....not surprised that they would go to a " tell E'm nothing approach after that Bruha.
Another hidden number.. Annual report....schedule of town owned property. Until two years ago they showed a total value.......now you have to add it yourself, to find that property this year increased by 5 parcels, to 65 pieces, but declined in value by about $ one million to $ 14 million. How can that be, when they tell us our values have not declined. Time to put some of that inventory back on the tax rolls.

Frugal ? said...

Minutes from a BOS workshop establishing an org chart:

Chris asked if the Program Coordinator and Waterfront Director should be reporting to the Assistant Recreation Director.
No wonder they need 2500 sq feet for Admin Office.

Bill Glabicky said...

This new proposed "gymnasium" has 10 rooms.
One gymnasium. Ten rooms.
This is shuffle board at it's worst.
And most will fall for this.

Over Their Heads said...

Bill, besides the gym, estimated at 10,625 sq ft, the kids get ONE other room, a 25 X 32 ft game room, to hold a pool table, Pingpong and a foosball table. That's it for the kids... One other room designated meeting and projects......ONE......2560 sq ft. Might put a slider across it...a poor way to start out.
To be sure, these plans were done by an amatuer, but if this data is given to an archetect, we will have a professionally done disaster.

Anonymous said...

To Bill G and Over their Heads: please do not assume that "most will fall for this.." We are not stupid. What we need are voters who feel strongly against spending taxpayer $$$ foolishly to SHOW UP AND BE HEARD! VOTING AT TOWN MEETING IS A MUST!
Otherwise, your comments are worthless.

Thump on the Head said...

Many of those supporting the new gymnasium are the school crowd. Also some that think we need a larger building to handle the "big" voter turn out. Apparently the Life Safety Building isn't big enough....Makes no sense to build another facility when school enrollment and overall population is in decline.

Fool's Errand said...

Carter & some of his Merry Men are tone deaf & out of touch with the needs in our town and reality. You don't need "professionals" from UNH to know another gymnasium in Moultonboro is over the top.

Sunlight said...

The King and his merry men are looking for a new study to base their P R campaign on. Due to the transparency this site provides, voters now recognize the flaws in the Charette scheme... AND voters know the BRC, burried in 2011, and just the opinion of a committee of 5. Is obsolete by today's changing demographics and economy.
The UNH. Boys seem to have a handle on the subject, but with the Kings heavy hand all over it, their work will not have credibility.. Time to dethrone the King.