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Thursday, September 18, 2014


I have received a number of emails about the inability of iPad users and some mobile devices that they are unable to view the meeting videos on the Town website via EZ stream. I use a PC with Windows 7 and it works fine, but I understand that Apple users do not have it so easy.
Anyone out there experiencing the same issues and if any knows the solution please share.


Anonymous said...

For Mac users try VLC media player a free open source multi media player that solves the Mac (not iPad or iPhone ) problem. Will play the so called"EZ stream".

Please fix this said...

Can not access town videos on our Ipad, get an error message. Seems the town should have anticipated many viewers would be using moblile devices. Did the vendor disclose mobile devices weren't compatable with their application?

Anonymous said...

Try this video on Youtube for iPad users:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgxZwMP7OLo

Get On It. said...

Posted at 10:23 A M. This is not a new problem, and is quite extensive. You can NOT see our updated flood plain maps, or the town assesors property records either.
A year ago we were promised an effort to correct this...has not happened yet. There are sites that have a " work around " solution, but the Microsoft Silverlight users blogsite say these are difficult and dangerous to use.
What will it take to get this on the T A action plan??

While we are at it, an open WiFi site at town hall would help us keep track of all the issues we face. This is an easy request..

No Brainer said...

The taxpayers should not have to jump through hoops to watch a public meeting. The TA needs to speak with EZ Stream and fix the problem or get another vendor.

Fixed Yet ? said...

This is NOT a new problem. This blogsite was loaded with people having difficulty early in the spring.. It is documented that Microsoft Silverlight will not run on Apple mobile products, and is difficult to use on Macs. What is new and amazing is that the Town Administrator has NOT done anything about it. I submit that he does NOT want it to work...it puts too much sunlight on his actions.. He took over the lead of the whole project, after delaying it for years, Speced a camera bigger then WMUR uses, and Speced the upload program. Now that it does not work, where is our expert?
This is a prime example of the damage a control freak can do, instead of assigning the mission to a group of technically competent volunteers, he wants to screw it up by himself. See this too much.