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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lakes Region Planning Commission Approves Lakes Region Plan

The Lakes Region Planning Commission after a required public hearing per RSA 36:47 ("A public hearing shall be held by the regional planning commission with 30 days' notice published in all newspapers of general circulation in the region, and shall state where the document can be viewed, the time and place of the public hearing, and shall allow for written comments") approved the Lakes Region Plan which was distributed to member communities in August.
The document was provided as a brief executive summary, a 40 page summary and a full 700+ page complete report.  All documents can be found here on the LRPC web site.
It was emphasized on numerous occasions that this is an advisory document and does not contain any requirements to alter local control of planning and zoning. There were just a few comments from the public and commissioners. My comment was that the report contains a lot of very good information regarding the changing demographics and the struggles we are dealing with in Moultonboro as we embark on a new master plan and vision for the village.
One thing that was made clear to those in attendance was to look at the graphs and trends. The region is changing and we cannot ignore it.


Mt. Rattler said...

Read it through this morning over my coffee.and breakfast, Honestly, it sounds like over inflated rhetoric, put together for the town administrators of our communities to use as a "I told you so" back up for pet projects. If you read through this, and you compare aspects of the Granite State Futures Project, and our conversations on cluster housing, you will see intended directives. People, you need to start realizing, that this is just another layer of intrusive Government, a layer being used for public propaganda. There are relevant facts, between the climate change crap, and affordable housing, and that is: the State is aging. Yes it is. I am sure people would not retire here, if they felt that they could not handle the incremental weather and the lay out of the land. I don't know about you, but I am going to take the relevancy of these so called "findings"' interpreted by these "professionals" and put it aside, allowing me the knowledge, when the time comes to bust a hole in their agendas. Publius.

Joe Cormier/jcormier@myfairpoint.net said...

Mt. Rattler ...
Publius Valerius Publicola

I share some of your sentiment!

This time of year (maybe fiscal, as well as calendar year), budgetary concerns, bring out publications from our friendly State and Federal officials that depend on non-private funding to survive; especially if they are diminishing.

Of course, certain agendas, perceived, real, fabricated, will abound.

There are efforts and publications produced by these same organizations that can be useful. They produce data, usually to bolster their agenda, but that's normal and part of human nature.

Data, however, doesn't make information. Data can be viewed in different lights, and produce determine conclusions.

We should take advantage, and ask questions, from that same data, to provide a "balanced" view.

"Climate warming" ... due to man's use of hair spray ... in addition to cow's flatulence! Sure ... something smells!

OOPs ... not politically correct; ... "climate change" not "climate warming" should now be used.

Pay no attention to the world has been "climate changing" for eons.

The boat dealers and marinas are going to tell us to go buy boats, now, because the ocean is rising!

How come nobody talks about the studies regarding "sun spots" and their effect on "our world" polar extremities/earth magnetic fields?
Isn't weather heavily influenced by activity at the earth's magnetic extremities ... polar vortex anyone!

Arctic icecap (north) is melting ... ya ... but the Antarctic cap (south)is increasing!

I can see change in my back yard. The deer started their winter moulting very early this year. Some started in July!!!

Now, if we could get political hacks to moult their coats, we might have a more informed election this fall ... but I digress!!!

Mt. Rattler said...

Mr. .Cormier, I always enjoy your input. I am glad we have people like you paying attention! Enjoy your day today Sir! Publius.

Anonymous said...

I find it very sad that most of the people in that area never bothered to attend. If they only knew what the federal government was about to impose upon them they would scream bloody blue murder.

Fear itself? said...

Anon 10:16, what do you think the feds are about to impose, how mandatory will it be and how do you think it will harm us? It would be nice to know what to watch out for and how real the threat.

Anonymous said...

to Fear itself...

If you have not followed what our 'regional, unelected, shadow government' has been doing, then you are out of the loop.

Please visit www.granitestatefutures.org to find out more.

PR firms are steering your agenda, for non governmental organizations that supplant local control.

Wake the heck up!

Protect Yourself.. said...

Fear Itself....nice to see your monthly pop up, asking someone else to do your homework. A Reccomended reading list for you might include Operation ChokePoint, where the White House can tell banks who they should service......and check the EPA. New definition of navagatable waters. It gives then control over use, access and grazing , within 1,000 feet of tithe dried up stream in my back yard.
Can we have a book report back from you, on these issues?

Anonymous said...

Fear Itself, is apparently a low information voter and reads only the Sunday funnies......Well here's another article to add to the reading list. Executive Order allows APPREHENSION and DETENTION of all WELL persons.

More dictates from Big Brother, debate on the subject not necessary, Big Brother knows best.


Citizen Jane said...

Anon @ 2:44:

Interesting article. Too bad they aren't already enforcing quarantine for the thousands of illegals inundating the southern border and moved into x number of states.