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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moultonboro Advisory Budget Committee September 2nd 2014


Kudos To ABC said...

This is a well run Commitee following Roberts Rules very well. Program included a review of library funds and accounting, and the library passed with complements. Two new members were introduced, and the second quarter town fiscal report reviewed. Praise focused on Heidi. The recreation revolving fund was described in depth for the benefit of a new member. It's sources of income, and expenses it should pay still seem to be a bit vague. It is a good video, and should give us confidence in their oversight.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Personally speaking, the town website is great. The TA and staff should be commended.

Maybe it is time, with increased broadband use by town residents and taxpayers (not the same) that the town website function be reviewed and expanded.

Namely, an example would be the quarterly reports that the ABC "mentioned" in this video. Why not publish the report on the website ... the source document ... not a narrative.

Why aren't many of the source documents made available on the website? Some are ... some are not.

Let the town see the quarterly budget results. Let the BoS approve/reject what goes on the website (administratively, and with caution, to censorship).

Maybe another committee (he says, while chuckling).

We've got a Tech Fund with $186,000+++ in it. Maybe the BoS should spend some of it (prudential matters doctrine) and provide the town with an internet/broadband mechanism for direct taxpayer feedback.

Please ... don't invoke privacy issues!

Public entities/works are just that ... PUBLIC! Yes I'm familiar with RSA 91-A. It's becoming a "motherhood" statement! Non-public meetings ... by advisory committees ... that are subject to RSA 91-A ... criteria.


Almost as ludicrous as the Carroll County registry of deeds saying no internet access because of privacy issues! Sure, but most of the other NH registry of deeds have been doing so for years ... and giving back to the constituents a service needed.

The BoS/town might not need as many committees! Aren't most of the committees "advisory"?

Might help minimize the need to "attend meetings". We've got video ... now, we need official feedback mechanism.

The BoS, and then, the town meeting decide anyway.

Why not create a mechanism via the/a website that provides for direct town feedback ...not speaking about this blog (which is great)?

Town Policy #31 (on town website)


"9.) Periodic Review and Revisions:
Annually, at the time of goal setting for the budget, the Town Administrator shall review this policy with staff to determine how effectively it is meeting its purpose. Suggested revisions shall be submitted to the Board for consideration and adoption with the annual budget message submitted by the Town Administrator."

We are in the 21st century ... even MoBo. Why not reflect on that, and a little less on historical buildings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Cormier,
The thought that the closet would voluntarily solicit our opinions in an online timely fashion is very much in our favor. Will be costly tho, they will need a much bigger drawer.

We've got a Tech Fund with $186,000+++ in it. Maybe the BoS should spend some of it (prudential matters doctrine) and provide the town with an internet/broadband mechanism for direct taxpayer feedback.

This website is as close as we get to having a voice. Ever see a word from the Town Administrator on it ? He does NOT want to communicate with us, or listen to us. Took 3 to 5 years to get a sound system in town hall. This concept will be stonewalled longer.