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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moultonboro School Board Meeting September 9th, 2014


Stone Age said...

Look at all those Apple Computers lit up ! Must have been a gift from Apple...great advertising. Question is, where are they finding a WiFi connection? Joe Public is told to go over to the Library, there is an open net there. Makes it difficult to hear a meeting, and follow the agenda on your IPad, from the library. There are atleast two secure locked WiFi sites at town hall. How about a connection for the taxpayer?

Like Dem Apples said...

Look at all the Apple Computers....we need to point this out to the BOS - - Apples. There.is no valid reason for town hall to continue using a program that will not run on Apple products. MicroSoft Silverlight is for P C's , but will run on a few big Mac's. The rest of us are out of luck, locked out of the flood Plain Maps, and the tax assessors property records We heard the T A speak of fixing this a year ago. Time for an update.

Progress. said...

Refreshing to see our school superintendent, Mrs Noyes in action. Her focus is education. We are lucky to have her.
Richard Brown, Ex CIPC chair is also making a difference here. As a S B member, his questions are in depth, and helping everyone keep their eye on the ball.