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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting September 18th 2014


T Hall Monitor said...

Selectman Wakefield not too impressed with the towns documents on Microsoft Silverlight not assessable to apple computers and mobile devices....he seems to think that the issue is small devices not having enough memory
Mi will have enough memory -- not to vote for him again.
The Con Com request , or statement, that they want to conserve a piece of land, had a Ho -Hum reception...all the skeletons were just left in the closet, except a nice agreement led by P Punturieri, stating it had to be private funding.

Anonymous said...

I was able to use my Ipad to watch videos on the town site until recently. What's changed that I'm no longer able to?

Bill Gassman said...

The ConCom came to the select board to get its land protection plans out to the select board, in public, and let the questions fly. Three members of ConCom were there to answer questions in public, even those about skeletons in the closet. We believe the only skeletons are the moose, deer and other wildlife that call that land home.

There was some clarification needed at the meeting about funding sources, but hopefully it is clear that private and grant funding has always been the planning assumption.

On November 8'th (tentative), there will be a public forum, following a property walk for those who wish to take it. A funding campaign will follow if there is sufficient interest.

The goal of the ConCom is to let others know why the property is worth protecting and recruit others to help preserve it.

Protection maintains an existing animal habitat and corridor from Red Hill to Lees Pond, one of the most important in town. Protection ensures that less silt and nutrients will erode into Lees Pond, a water body already under stress and impacts Winnipesaukee. Protection gives today's and future generations a chance to explore the early history of Moultonborough Falls, along Route 25.

We hope that the conservation minded folks in town come out to the meeting on Saturday, November 8'th and offer to donate ideas, time and/or money to the cause.

T. Hall Monitor said...

Mr Gassman, your group started on the right track with a proposal from a real estate conservation consultant. You jumped off the bridge when you caved into our town administrator, after his " I am the expert speech ".
The wildlife corridor....where is the body count ? If it is a major corridor, so Red Hill deer could swim in the lake, you would have a few dead beavers, moose and deer on Rt. 25.
As has been mentioned, this would certainly benefit Con Com members that live around Lee Pond. This should be discussed.
Your goals are also duplicated by the shoreline protection Act, and the Wetlands rules. No one is allowed to touch that.
There should be no arguements against doing this with private money...just don't drag our town into it.

Bill Gassman said...

Public meetings are best for answering the kind of points THM raises, but they didn't come up in the recent BOS meeting, so here you go.

The corridor between Red Hill and Lees Pond is active with wildlife. This and other areas of high wildlife body count is shown on page 24 of the ConCom's Priority Wildlife Habitat report, published November 2013, and available on the ComCom's web site.

It would be great if the Red Hill River tunnel under route 25 wasn't so rocky, because then more wildlife would take the safer route. That is a problem for another day.

The issue of two ConCom members living on Lees Pond is valid to raise, but shouldn't be a problem. It is more of a confluence of interest than a conflict of one. If town general funds were being requested (and they are not), the possible conflict would be declared to the BOS for approval to proceed, as is town policy. In any event, the ConCom cannot buy land without BOS approval.

The shoreline protection act, along with wetland ordinances, helps protect water quality, somewhat. In this case however, developing land from pristine to all that is allowed would degrade the watershed. And, it won't do anything to protect wildlife habitats.

As for the assistance from the town's staff.... The TA and TP are more experienced about the path to protecting land than anyone on the ConCom committee. They provide welcome advice and support, but other experts are also involved.

Housekeeping ? said...

Near the end of this video, the BOS approved minutes from the planning board..kind of a routine " yep, we got 'em ". Further stated that there would be 4 or 5 proposed building code changes comming up for approval at March town meeting..these were characterized as " houseKeeping...well guess what...one limits the size of an addition that may be built on, in a legal building envalope that meets setbacks. If part of your home is pre-existing..non-conforming, they want to limit the addition size to allow just 20 % more space even tho you are building in a legal building area. There goes my proposed attached garage, and bye-bye mother-in-law apartment.....she was going to pay for it. Housekeeping?
This stuff automatically blows thru town meeting..no one reads it.

T H M Worries... said...

Mr Gassman, no argument that our town planner will be a good help. After our lengthy presentation from the T A the T P made a pointed helpful 4 minute statement, that you had all the ingredients for the cake, but in wrong order. He went on to clarify the process. Very well done.
If you could access this mans guidance, without interference from our real estate acquisition expert, you would be well served.
Not sure why you want to spend money on heiring our landscape consultant to show you what to do with it...He bought in to building Disneyland at States landing beach. Private money usually nails up the signs " conserved by so and so " and tries to find someone to walk it once a year..
We are at risk here, as the town can get title to two other contiguous parcels on Rt 25. This makes our commercial development champ vibrate. Hello dollar store.

Anonymous said...

Housekeeping ? Thought zoning and ordnance changes were on the ballot, not voted on at town meeting.