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Thursday, September 25, 2014

UNH BRC Gym Feasibility Study September 23rd 2014

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Well Structured..For Who ? said...

Nice to see this come up loud and clear on My IPad. The $ 500.00. Camera, and the free enterprise blogsite win again. Note that the town camera was not there...they say people do not want to speak infront of a camera.
One break for taxpayers, thanks to Selectman Punturieri and Mudgett.......the UNH team assumed all cost references would be based on a " per captia " --- divide the expense by 25,000 ( our Jul 4 number in town ) That gives a nice low cost. Our reps thought is should be cost per taxpayer....or an even more draconian " cost per user.. This means dividing cost by 6100 taxpayers, or dividing by # users....a figure we do not seem to keep.
This session only provided " housekeeping " on a UNH effort. They were not given a clean sheet of paper, and told to list the Moultonboro questions. One audience member had to remind them that we have the lake here, and questions should be asked about that rec asset......lake access, lake maintence, lake facilities..
Seems this survey will air many good talking points.. Mostly from a rec pro's view.