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Friday, September 19, 2014

UNH Feasibility Study September 12th 2014


An American Guesser said...

Such a shame that our T.A. is setting up yet another commission so he can lead them to his conclusion, we need a new Gymnasium for his resume.He has about 6,(SIX) committees going on at this time and oddly enough they all finalize just in enough time the results could be put on next years Town Warrant,very clever.The Selectmen should have listened to the 200 voters that signed the petition not to rehire him.We need another one this year

Tired Taxpayer said...

Our school superintendent, Mrs Noyes started the meeting with a power-point presentation called " The New
Normal " a review of our states job losses, population loss, and shrinking school enrollment. Big downturns outlined there. I hope the Rec director and Town Administrator can explain why such a big project is needed, in light of our shrinking numbers. They seem out of touch.
We were promised an independent review of our rec needs. Watching this video, with our T A structuring the whole show, does not look independent.

How Many ? said...

The presentation shows the user numbers are still not being revealed. The Rec Dept is a part-time guardian of our children. Records of children participating MUST be kept. What if one child does not come home after a program? You can not be that lax with children's security.
The initial sign up numbers are tossed about, but there is no breakdown on how many followed thru and attended. There seems to be 4 or 5 employees in the rec office. That seems like a big enough team to tally attendance sheets, and make them public information.
This seems to be going the way of the sidewalk show, where the T A promised usage numbers, then would not provide them. That was another multi-million dollar fiasco without a foundation.

Guesser Gets It. said...

Guesser, you are not guessing. You are watching it very carefully. That takes a lot of time, as we are being manipulated on so many fronts. The big enigma is what drives him to his actions which are so contrary to residents wishes. All I can see is his real estate buddies may be the influence, trying to position the town to make it easier to sell. The TA dabbles in real estate...with our money, beside Mud Pond he wants to be a commercial landlord for the Taylor property, and just assumed the leadership on a piece of ground the Con Com wants for a wildlife corridor. He really has the hots for that, as there are two adjoining lots on Rt 25 that can be tax deeded to the town for more town owned commercial venture.
You must fault the long time senior minority of the BOS for allowing all this to go down. Their inaction has truly damaged the town.