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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

UNH Feasibility Study Surveys Finalized

The town team met yesterday afternoon to review and finalize the benchmark survey that the UNH team will send to comparable towns ( that list was agreed upon on September 12th) and also the citizen survey due to be available within the next week or so,
Look for a post card mailing with detailed instructions on how to complete the survey ( online and in hard copy).
It is important to have as many surveys back as possible so that we can get to a final product that will settle this contentious issue once and for all. No survey or study is perfect, but the process set out by the UNH team to include as much live interaction with the public as possible and timed when many of our snowbirds are still here in town, leads me to believe that it will be fair and data driven. In addition, we have a balanced town team to provide honest oversight and direction.
The more participation, the better the end result.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that it will be settled for once and all if the answer is no. The answer was no for the Lions Club and in the online Master Plan update last year. There have also been a no to other Rec Dept initiatives such as Playground Drive.

Anonymous said...

That is what is most frustrating about this whole deal. We keep voting No NO NO, and the rec. center, community center, gym situation keeps coming up! It is WRONG to keep shoving this very expensive item shoved down our throats time after time! STOP IT!

Kept In Dark said...

The more participation...the better the end result..
Twelve citizens attended the public review of the proposed survey, and were hindered from participating. No hand out of the survey discussed, and each survey question discussed NOT read to the audience. How can the public participate, without reading material ?

Broadband..HELP said...

Dear Broadband Bill, Start small.....see if you can get us a public WiFi connection In Town Hall. We will need this to follow along on the Power-point UNH study output. Will want to be sure our T A interprets it correctly.
Should be a site available, one still on the air marked VNA, tho they have moved out. Is is locked tho.

Turn on the lights said...

Dear Kept in the Dark, because Carter likes it that way.

Thanks in Advance said...

Bill, along with providing wifi in the town hall can you and members of the Broadband Committee find a solution for mobil device user who are unable to view videos on the town's website?

Good Job Bill said...

Mr Gassman, you are doing a great job in a couple of areas, and the town is very lucky to have your services. Of particular note, is your ability to step up to the plate, on this blogsite, and explain your positions, with a civil, well thought demeanor. You set a great example of what communications might be, if some of the King and " staff " would stop running from voters opinion. Thanks for your work.
Another issue...the eight deer in my side yard eating hosta plants. We are not within a wildlife area on your maps. The biggest buck had an IPad...and assured me that when he could access the wildlife maps on his mobile device, he would eat hosta plants in a Reccomended wildlife area.

Bambi Said.. said...

The Deer were back for lunch, and we talked about the
37 acre purchase for their wildlife corridor.. They said the idea was O K for their downstate brothers, living in Bedford or Concord, but here they would roam the 3000 acres on the Ossipee Flank, or the 2000 acres on Red Hill ...he said " where we hang, we never see a honky "
The exception..eating Hosta in my yard.

Anonymous said...

Lots of things come around time and time again for voting. I believe SB 2 has been defeated twice, yet it keeps coming up. Isn't that what happens in a democracy?