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Friday, September 12, 2014

Village Vision Committee September 8th, 2014


Anonymous said...

Am I reading too much into the planner's presentation? Did he suggest that the currently selected site for the monument to Donna K is not the optimum location since it is hidden away on school property. Then again, he was under the impression that it will be a community center for the benefit of the town and not merely a gym for the children.

The problem IMO is there are way too many committees counteracting each other. This presentation mentioned the Site Feasibility and Village Vision Committees as well as the Planning and Zoning Boards.

Good luck finding a developer willing to invest his funds in community water and septic systems plus the required streets for speculative homes to fulfill the Vision.

I am tired of hearing consultant after consultant say the charge from Carter is ........ The BOS, not Carter, should be running the town.

Refreshing...At Last said...

Every resident who wonders why we have so many contentious issues, and poor decisions should watch this video of the Village Vision Committee. Let's be clear, this committee is NOT the problem. This video brings out many external forces, who push their own agenda thru, out of sequence, and in a clandestine manner. Our loveable landscape archetect spoke candidly about current mistakes being propagated. He does not claim to know it all, but he clearly outlines our errors.

Josh Bartlett said...

It was a bit of an embarrassment to some members of the Committee that Doug had the impression that the Gym/Recreation Center was a done deal.
I suspect that it was also an embarrassment to him, also.

We Never Learn said...

Mr B, you did a great job, illuminating many issues. Thank you for your work, and your principles.
Our Contract land scape Archetect is from Belmont. We rent him by the hour. He may have missed the point on the gym being a trial balloon at this point ( he took his charge from our T A ). But he was quite clear that the site study was flawed, disregarding the big picture of what some are trying to do in the village.
It was criminal to think that a team of non-professional volunteers could choose a location from 5 sites, in 3 one hour sessions. The only thing that site study did was come in on the timeframe, required by the TA , to have the package in time for time meeting. All that study should have been done by a building committee, with builders, civil engineers and architects on the committee. As we are working backwards, site study before feasibility, there is no budget to do it right, nor would you, before you are sure you need it.

More Of Same... said...

22 minutes into this video, a plot plan is put up, sent over by the Town Administrator, and the Town Planner, with a request to see if the committee could approve " tonite " the location of a possible north south crossroad. Why bother with a survey at all...asking public input, if our TA and T C have already decided?
We appoint these hardworking committees, then watch the heavy hand of the T A shortcut and superceed their work. Thru the years, we have seen poorly planned, poorly built over blown mega-scale over-kill buildings. This has gone on for too many years. We will not get a practical plan from the current set-up.

Anonymous said...

A question was asked " why was the village charrette only believed by 10 % of the last MP survey respondents? "
Many good people made many good points, but it was a contrived facilitated meeting, run so that many groups talked at the same time, and documented in crayon on many jumbled 30 x 36 inch newsprint. No audit trail...then the mess went to the UNH grad students for four months, and then spent weeks up here being " proof-read. Many towns were exposed to the same fiasco..Funny, all the reports all came out the same. We did not get so cynical overnight...we have been twisted too many times.

Anonymous said...

All the negative "ta did this" or the "bos did that" is tiresome and untrue. give credit where it is due. constantly whining the same old tune is boring and deflects from honest and open discussion which is the intention of this medium.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. 9:31: In the opinion of many, including me, the T.A. is condescending, patronizing, and oversteps his bounds. That is my opinion, and I am entitled to it.
You are entitled to read the comments or not. We do not like to have personal wish lists shoved down our throats as needs.

Early Current Thinking said...

More early prototype building plans were provided as the cover sheet of the site planning information packet. It showed a 25,000 sq ft building with the designated senior area being 10 % of the total, unless you shoot hoop. that court needs 11,000 sq ft.
Of questionable interest, the Admin office is also 2500 sq ft, same as the allocation to seniors. Also shown is another 1250 sq ft for receptionist..
This is early, and subject to change, with outcry, but seniors are starting way behind the starting line.

Good Man..His Ideas.. said...

We had Doug's vision described again...he is a fan of Currier and Ives....wants nostalgic ice skating on the village fire pond. He might as well use the pond, it is too overgrown to let fire trucks get at it. O well, it will be replaced with an $ 80,000 cistern.
Doug's other vision speaks of duplex or triplex affordable housing on the Taylor property.. When told of the DES unfavorable comment on private sewage systems he indicated an area where fields might work...the same spot on school land where they intend to build fields for 500 people using the Gym...Synergy ?

BOS. Come Home said...

Did the B O S go to Disneyworld? There are three contentious issues running now, with the T A pulling the strings...where is the BOS supervision ?
Current minutes of the Conservation Commission show him pushing ahead with a conservation effort, totally ignoring that the land in question is on the same pond as 3 Con Com Members homes.
Video released yesterday of the Village Vision team shows a request for a road location approval...before the committee is half finished. This was T A and T P.
The Public meeting Friday morning, the UNH kickoff shows the town administrator scripting and running the whole thing, tho we were promised an independent study.
The BOS..their silence is deafening.

WHEW. said...

This village vision team better hurry up and have its vision, or the TA will take over the whole proceedure. The Town Administrators weekly report calls for a quick N - S road location approval ( wanted this weeks meeting ) and wants landscaping Archetect to get the essence of the meeting, and start illustrations of the concept. WHOA. There is a survey needed first for public opinion...
The T A's weekly did not reveal if our landscape Archetect filled him in on the improper proceedure that located the proposed gym in the wrong site for the big picture......Now there's an essence...old fish.