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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Budget Meetings on the Horizon

Having been consumed these past months with various committees, we almost forgot that the fall budget season is once again upon us. This budget cycle there are also two collective bargaining agreements ( school teachers and the Moultonboro PD) due for renegotiation. All day town budget meetings with the BoS/ABC and department heads are set to kickoff  on Friday November 14th and  Friday November 21st.
As I am made aware of the firm schedule and presentations and other info, I will post it here on the blog if legally able, and in what has  been past practice, the new budget documents are typically placed on the town website.


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Gettin Deep said...

ENJOY. I would prefer a toothache. The Current modis operandi seems to be throw as much at the wall as possible, maybe something will stick. It is a shame to see the BOS whipsawed by so much going down. We are looking at the effect of having an activist T A with his own agenda, and things will not get back to normal until that is addressed.
200 recognized that, with the citizen petition...but the BOS took the easy way out. They should have listened. How is the easy way out working ?