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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have you Signed up for a Focus Group?

As of this writing , about 60 or so people are signed up for the UNH Feasibility Study Focus Groups. Many of these are members of various boards an committees past and present, and town staff. There is plenty of room left  especially on Wednesday, and in the afternoon on Monday and early evening ( 6:30PM).

"Sign up by email to mbengtson@moultonboroughnh.gov, calling the Recreation Department at 
1.603.476.8868 or stopping by their offices at 10 Holland Street during normal business hours."

I have heard that some are discounting the process as a "done deal" and won't participate. Aside from being untrue, if you don't participate it won't include your opinion. No matter what though, the process is going forward and will continue on to it's conclusion with or without your participation.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Got my response for Monday, the 20th at 4:00PM!

Willing to participate ... heck ... we paid for the efforts ... why not hear them/us out!? I suspect UNH will "facilitate" not "moderate" ... as long AS WE BEHAVE!

There's another shot (not good verbiage, in moose country)at the "town style" meeting. We can go in there and "click away" (not clenched teeth)!

Get there early. There's only about 200 clickers!

Against This Stupid Project said...

I for one don't appreciate the unsolicited telephone call that on the caller id states:

"CODERED INFO" from 855-969-4636

and then leave a message from the TA about the survey.

First of all if it is a "Code Red" put a space in the id so one can figure it out.

Second, this is no emergency and

Third - identify itself as the Town of Moultonboro.

This is a waste of resources and taxpayer money and is plain DUMB.

It reflects the stupidity of this entire scheme concocted by the TA with the "beautiful people".

I will come out to oppose this asinine project.

Anonymous said...

People complain that they don't know what is going on, then complain about how the information is put out to the community. Would it be more cost effective to have two information systems, I don't think so. My caller ID came up as "The Town of Moultonborough", some people just need something to complain about. Participate in the process or don't complain about the results. For the record, I am not in favor of building any new buildings, but I will actively participate in the study and give my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

I received the TA's message and checked my caller ID. It also showed the same information that Against this Stupid Project had. No caller ID from the Town, a Code Red without a space making it hard to determine what was intended and an area code 855 number.

I agree that putting out announcements like this without proper identification and spelling is unprofessional and a negative.