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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, October 27, 2014

Meet the Candidates October 26th, 2014


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a good article on the
ebola hysteria. Chill out people!


Anonymous said...

Seems Ms. Crawford has focused her attention only on what is in her wheelhouse, drivers ed. What about the rest of the issues? Pro choice? Shame on her.
Ken Hill has a strong background and will be refreshing for our town. At least he will represent all of us. I think Hill-Cordelli will work better for us than the present pair. At least they will communicate.

RINO-NO NO said...

The republican party is in a shambles. The ultra far right wing has caused the party to fragment and be ineffective. Scott Brown only says what people ( votes) want to hear. Look at our NH HOuse represtnetives, They are both republicans but very different in views. Karel is more Democrat than Republican and Glen is more Tea party than Republican. Kind of cancel each other out.
Thank you tho to them and all candidates for running and volunteering. Karel has 20+ years as a public servant. That does speak to her character. Thank you Karel. As ann independent, I am torn on my votes. Prob make a decision at the booth.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Just one comment on Ebola: keep politics out of it. Follow the medical experts and not the talking heads in the media who don't have a clue what they are talking about. As a front line health care worker I am really pissed about the nurse that was forcibly detained in a tent in New Jersey because idiot politicians don't know what they are talking about. It's disgraceful in my mind that dedicated caregivers are treated as criminals.

Anonymous said...

I agree Blogger, Me thinks some of these politicians are taking thinkerer pointers from Trump.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

We need someone who really knows politics!


We could do worse ... they're all actors, aren't they!

This guy is great. You can get rid of him after 12 or 13 episodes ... all at one seating!

Kool-Aid anyone!

Really ?....ITL said...

436 Represenatives in our state house, and it seems each one brings a frivolous issue to champion. Ms Crawford just announced hers for this year: if you are selling your house, and there was a murder in the house, you have to declare it on the purchase and sales agreement, like declaring a leaky basement or a bad roof. Nice to be protected from murderers...

What's Your Reason ? said...

Posted at 10:47... You need to rethink your logic on that choice of Mr Hill. The man described his career as mostly a university professor....and then a number cruncher for healthcare. I ask how that career prepared him to guide our town.
When asked about the sales or income tax, he said he would first look at the spending, but was open to either tax if needed.
He is an English gentleman, which worries me, they seem to have the government do almost all for them, but they get a horrendous tax bill, which they do not seem to mind...

Sanwich Hotbed said...

Posted at 10:47. The final kicker for MrHill was his flat statement that COMMON CORE was not a federal program. Evidently he has never heard of Arne Duncan Our fed areal education chief. Both our Sandwich friends play this federal takeover of education down. Mr Vanessa tells about his business having employees who were to learn where federal money was being spent on text books, but he is silent on common core.
And Mr Hill, a college professor, not aware of the federal aspect, but quoting it to us verbatim.

Anonymous said...

Remarkable to me that some people will vote for someone only because of party affiliation and not vote for the person who will best represent them.
Sandwich hotbed said that Ken Hill isn't aware of the federal aspect of common core. True, because it doesn't exist.
Here are the facts: http://www.usnews.com/news/special-reports/a-guide-to-common-core/articles/2014/03/04/common-core-myths-and-facts
My vote is for Ken Hill who will represent me and is breath of fresh air. We need more like him.

Brent said...

Mr. Hill is factually incorrect about the incorporation of Common Core. The Association of Governors is one of the three signatories, though they seem to have little to not input on its formation, which was handled by the Gates Foundation and Achieve, Inc. The Gates Foundation has placed at least $200 million on this questionable endeavor. Sandra Stotsky is very persuasive that the standards are weak, the process murky, and events were rushed. Just in the news today, for example, is a story about Common Core's suspect math teaching.

Here are the facts, Mr. Hill:

Common Core has been championed by three private organizations in Washington DC: the National
Governors Association (NGA), the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and Achieve, Inc.—all funded for this purpose by a fourth private organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the large tune I quoted earlier.

Brent said...

His answer, I should have said, referring to Ken Hill's support of Common Core, occurs at 52 minutes into the first video.

Anonymous said...

The question to Mr. Hill was that common core is federally driven. To me that means the Federal government. His answer is correct.

Brent said...

No, Common Core (CC) will be foisted upon the states by the feds. It's naive to conclude otherwise, Anonymous. It's occurring already. Care to know how tonnes (Mr. Hill's spelling) of new textbooks were shipped to the local schools this summer that are CC-complaint?

One can be in favor of it. Two people I respect are, Chester Finn and Diane Ravitch.

But candidate Ken Hill, the man who spoke with the delightful British accent, isn't entitled to his own facts when he uttered the the bromide that the Governors' Association was the agency behind CC; this is simply factually incorrect, however soothingly said. This front group, which couldn't apply for a Sandwich dump sticker in less than two weeks' time, were brought in to lend an aura of legitimacy and gravitas to the proceedings. It certainly helped that money was firehosed their way to ensure compliance, at least $200 million dollars' worth. But since Freedom of Information applications (FOIA) won't work, because they are all private organizations, we may never know the details.

And aren't people left of center in a tizzy over the Koch brothers? And here's a billionaire many times over their combined wealth largely taking over our nation's education. Why not the concern? Doesn't it give one pause?

BTW, below is a link to a colorful anecdote, of which there are many I can assure you, on the New New Math absurdity of Common Core. Remember people with actual decades of experience in the field couldn't sign onto Common Core since it was written by people who have no business doing so. Sandra Stotsky, for example, quotes the lead writer of the math curriculum, Jason Zimba, who admits it's dumbed-down math for students who won't be taking calculus as a freshman in college. http://www.uaedreform.org/downloads/2014/01/common-core-doesnt-add-up-to-stem-success.pdf

Is the United States insane? In our post-industrial world with global capitalism and the Chinese posing a profound challenge we're going to go this route? Are our kids that dumb?

I remember well the ill-fated new math of the late 1970s when my parents couldn't figure out how to help me. May this CC stupidity die as quick a death as that pedagogical innovation.


Is it any wonder the graduate students and even undergrads in our STEM fields are dominated by foreigners who aren't shackled by our pedagogical approach, which Ken Hill favors: no to memorization, yes to critical thinking. That's putting the cart before the horse. And we even have math teachers writing that knowing the memorization table by heart is pointless, something Jon DiPietro wrote about. http://weekendpundit.org/2014/06/high-school-math-teacher-proud.html

Ken Hill is stuck in the early twentieth century when John Dewey wrote his influential books promoting progressive education, molding the student to the democratic society. Now we've had generations of students now who don't know much of anything, thanks to it.

Anonymous said...

Brent you have not provided any evidence that the federal government is driving this. You make a number of "connections" but offer no proof, just innuendos. Give us one fact that states the federal government has ordained common core as a mandate.

No Free Lunch said...

If schools accept federal funds they need to follow federal mandates. It's called the carrot and stick approach.

Brent said...

It's abundantly clear to me that Ken Hill doesn't have the foggiest when it comes to today's education. The students are so ignorant it's difficult to exaggerate. I left public education and took a big paycut to teach at a Catholic school. I can perform better. Now I can teach grammar and require all the darlings to read aloud, both of which was denied me at a nearby gubmit school.

Try this on, Ken Hill apologists: http://granitegrok.com/blog/2014/11/just-stellar-educational-system-one-college-student-knew-won-civil-war-one

College students not knowing which side won the Civil War? We need to get back to having the young students learn some facts. It's the bete noire of educators for nearly a century: memorizing.

It turns out it's the most egalitarian as really smart kids don't have as much of an advantage than the less gifted ones in this activity, truly a lost art.

And if you don't think, Anonymous, that the massive centralization of our education that's currently underway won't involve national standards a la Common Core--in flagrant violation of the law--than you are frankly misinformed.