"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Town Wide Feasibility Study Meeting

Very good turnout tonight. With the immediate feedback from the I-Clickers, the highest vote count was 129, better than anticipated, so at least that many people were there to participate. According to the UNH team, it was one of the best turnouts they had seen. About 70 people came out during the week for the focus groups. To date more than 700 surveys have been completed with the vast majority online. In addition to the I-Click process, there was also some table work with additional data collection that the team will sort into themes and will become one more part of the study. All cards collected, with table and individual notes will be available to the town and of course the public. Add in all the data and reports already provided to the team they will then pull together a report with the data to support their recommendations. The Town Team will get a preview of the plan sometime in November and then on to the BoS. After that it is really any one's guess as to any possible next steps especially not knowing what the final recommendations will be. Be assured that there will be no one attempting to influence the UNH team in any way from the town. I would expect our only contact with them would be for additional information or clarification and perhaps logistics for the delivery of the final report. I am expecting an honest, thorough and data driven report. One interesting item at tonight's session was the demographics. We have known that as a town we are getting old, but the I-Click graph was still startling with the vast majority of attendees over the age of 56. The survey process closes officially on October 27th.