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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

UNH BRC/Gym Facility Needs & Feasibility Study Meeting Thursday at 5pm Town Hall

It is expected that the team will discuss the focus groups and how to reach out for additional names to participate.
As of this writing, focus groups will be held Monday October 20th ( time and place to be determined) and the town wide meeting will be held on Wednesday October 22nd at 5:30pm  in the academy cafeteria.
This is a controversial issue and we are not the only town in the region struggling with similar issues. Tuftonboro is looking at building a new library at a cost of over $2M and possibly relocating the Police Department into the old library space and it is similarly controversial. They are also experiencing the same demographic changes as we are and some also question the need for new facilities.
We sure do have a lot of things all going on at once , some have been lingering for a long time. We need to bring these to some conclusion and the best way to do that is to participate and express your opinion. I have my own opinions on our issues and I know that many of you have very strong opinions of your own, but I want some real facts so that I can be comfortable that we have gotten to the best possible answer.
I appreciate those that have come forward and want to participate, regardless of their opinion , and encourage and look forward to seeing many of our citizens coming out to speak their minds to the point that we need to schedule more sessions.
 If we can do that, I will feel confident that we will get to the correct conclusion.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

As Mr. Blogger suggests ...speak your thoughts (at the appropriate time) ... and let them (others) talk!

Can't hurt, and we can all learn something. If nothing else, we can learn an opinion ... and we're all entitled to one.


Maybe, we can use non-offensive language! I said maybe!



I Am Waiting said...

The Town Administrator had a big hoop-la announcing a live Blue Ribbon website, as part of the town website. No info posted there since his first " meeting record" which he writes, as he says minutes are not required for this semi-public meeting. Need to have some more of his wisdom on that website..he is two meetings behind.
Fall is an ideal time to top-dress the lawn, before first snow.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us the process to be included in a focus. I am against the proposed facility and don't care who knows it.

Come One, Come All.. said...

TOWN WIDE MEETING.....Wed, Oct 22 5:30 to 7:00 PM.

The UNH boys gave the BOS. The responsibility to turn out 200 bodies for this meeting. They will have to raid Shannon Cemetery. The T A, when asked "what happens when only 30 show up " said they would just go on with it. Skip dinner, this is free entertainment. The evenings plan is to spend the first part of the meeting asking you questions....so you will not have to speak and embarrass yourself. The last part breaks us up into small groups, so no one can really hear a " sense of the meeting ". Don't dress up, video is not allowed, as they feel we get shy infront of a camera.
The REC pro's are really looking out for our interests.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the UNH BRC Gym feasibility study, it is important for all of us to avoid being hijacked when completing the surveys and participating in the focus groups. By this, I mean that the questions asked on each could be much more far-reaching than the warrant article called for, a GYM FEASIBILITY STUDY, NOT A COMMUNITY CENTER!!! It is important to keep this in mind when taking part in the survey and focus group. Otherwise, we can end up bringing up old business that was soundly defeated! I am referring to the multi-million dollar taj mahal of several years ago. No thank you!

Anonymous said...

Unless there are restraints to prevent wholesale fraud in taking the survey, I fear a rout. If the survey is on-line with no controls on the number of submissions per IP address, the whole process will be hijacked by whatever faction gets the most supporters to submit responses. I don't mind solid statistical information, but I have not heard or seen what controls will be in place to prevent stuffing the ballot boxes ala "vote early and often"! I fear the wolves are already out....... Let's not make the survey turn out like amateur night.

End Run said...

Not to worry about the fraud of respondents submitting multiple surveys. The UNH team has stayed away from black and white questions....LIKE : do you support building a gym ? Why ?
It seems the survey is centered on your personal recreation needs, and from that they can build the case that we need a gym.
These men are Rec specialists....they will tell us that tying your shoes every morning is not enough exercise.
BUT do we need a $ 6 million dollar building to exercise in ? The survey will not go there.

Anonymous said...

Before we waste several hours attending tomorrow's meeting, can anyone from the BoS please tell us the purpose of this meeting? Will the audience be able to ask questions or make suggestions? Or, as in the past, will we be observers to the interchange between two town employees who are pushing for the gym? We need to know these things before committing more time to these meetings. Also, we need to be assured that there are going to be some controls over the surveys and who is eligible to take them.

Turn on the Lights said...

Input? Depends on who's running the meeting. If it's Carter probably not or ipublic nput is very limited.

As I watch these meetings rarely are public handouts available. This is a ploy by the TA to keep attendees in the dark.

Unless the Selectmen are complicit the Selectmen should insist handouts are provided and public input welcome.