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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Christmas Tree Coming to Moultonboro

At last Thursday's BoS meeting a request was made by a student ( Rebecca Vele) for the BoS to grant permission to place a Christmas tree with lights on the town owned Adelle Taylor property. Permission was granted unanimously, pending a means to provide electricity for the lights and a very long extension cord. The Taylor property electricity is turned off, so it was suggested that perhaps the Bank of NH or the Huggins Hospital property could be approached for assistance.
In any event, it is a great idea and is meant to coincide with the open house event organized by local businesses. The use of the property for this type of event seems perfect for the concept proposed by some that part of the property could serve as the center of town where the public could gather in a common area.
By the way, has anyone driven past the CruCon building after dark? They have wrapped lights around poles and trees and it has a very distinct holiday feel to it, much like Meredith does when the Inns light up all the trees. A very nice addition to the area that perhaps other businesses will also participate in.
The Taylor property tree lighting is scheduled for  Saturday December 6th.


Anonymous said...


No electricity and no heat in the town owned Taylor property?

Oh, I know.
We'll let the property deteriorate so that there is justification to tear down one of the last remaining farmhouses on "main" street.

Oh, you folks in charge are doing such a good job making this quaint town look more quaint.

Heck, we got a bunch of committees attempting to "preserved" the country nature of this town.

And all of you boobs at town hall are just letting this one rot away.

Great news.

Anonymous said...

And there's your answer for why the sign ups for the Moultonborough bulletin board have been slow. Anything associated with this blog has the reputation of being a place for 25 REALLY angry people to turn ANYTHING (including the possibility of giving the village a festive facelift for the holidays) a reason to complain. And if you'd have to actually post your name on the board, well, then, it wouldn't be as fun, would it?

A Christmas tree in the village would be lovely. Kudos to the student for making the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Will all religions be granted the same permission to put their particular holiday decorations up on public, tax-payer owned property, or will this only be extended to Christian holiday observances?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

In defense of the "boobs" at town hall since I happen to be one of them, the property has been closed up and utilities turned off because it is vacant and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It is not uncommon to manage properties in that manner when vacant. It is not being left to rot away.
I also agree in part with anon above that something nice and community oriented was twisted into a negative. I prefer to celebrate the positive attitude of this young lady and her family to make this happen for the community. As far as the property itself, I was not on the BOS when it was purchased and I voted against buying it, but now that we do own it, because that is what the voters decided, we are obligated to maintain it. Personally, I like the idea of a common green area/ park with the building (at least the original parts) maybe used as a small gathering place.

Josh Bartlett said...

Kudos to Becky for suggesting it!..
With this one, and the one on the Library lawn, and one up on Holland St. we could really look festive in a sometimes gloomy time of year.
Perhaps the Historical Society and other local organizations could also join in?
By the way, the trees only have a religious significance if you want them to. A few generations ago, many Christians would not allow trees to be included in their home celebrations because of their origin in pagan midwinter rites....

Anonymous said...

"Will all religions be granted the same permission to put their particular holiday decorations up on public, tax-payer owned property, or will this only be extended to Christian holiday observances?"

Good point.

Would a 9-branched candelabra for Hanukkah be voted unanimously ?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I can't speak for the rest of the "boobs" but this boob would vote yes for a Menorah if approached. Then again, I would say yes to a Festivus Pole, but thats just me.

Anonymous said...

It will make this old boob very happy to have a Christmas tree... and please do not call it a holiday tree! It should not offend anyone.

Anonymous said...

Adele Taylor property.
Is there any one person in charge of this property?

I viewed this Spring - as no one even had planned to mow the lawn.
It eventually got done. But just shows that it appears that no person is in charge of this property.

And as stated above, yes, it will rot, then a motion to demolish. As it will become "too far gone".

The farmhouse next to Aubuchon Hardware - gone.
The farmhouse next to Fuller's - gone.

Let's let them all be destroyed - and then put a committee together to analyze why we are losing all of the farm houses in town.

Anyone in charge down there at town hall?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!

Kudos to the younger generation and their interest and initiative in our Town!

Looking forward to the lighting ceremony.

Anonymous said...

You can't please everybody!

Great idea and intention! With regard to the complainers and name callers; let em complain! That's what they do... Really there's only a handful of them. Just be happy and have a Merry Christmas, and or whatever you celebrate!

Anonymous said...

No you can't please everyone.

But I don't want your "Jesus" thrown in my face.

We have a tradition of "holiday" lights. Leave it at that.

Adding a new item. Adding a "Christmas" tree is adding more.

Someone at the selectboard should have stated so and voted "No" on this one.

This is a slippery slope.

Using the child student as a ruse for this is disturbing.

Smarter heads should have prevailed on this one.

Bah Humbug said...

Christmas trees have as much to do with Jesus as Santa Claus! People need to get a grip, I am not offended if someone says Merry Christmas, Happy Haunakah, or Happy Festivus! I hardly think a lighted tree is akin to having "your "Jesus" thrown in my face". Ridiculous!

Ebeneza said...

Bah Humbug.....lighten up!

Anonymous said...

You folks are missing the point here.

It is not the job of the town to celebrate Christmas on any town property. The first word of Christmas is Christ. The town should not be involved in adding any more decorations to this religious holiday.

If a child at the schools wants a Christmas tree placed then it should be placed on school property and the Moultonborough School Board should have handled this request. And let the schools run an extension cord to that tree on school property.

There is a cost of the tree, the cost of the extension cord, the cost of electricity, and the labor to put up such. And even if all was donated the tree is on town property.

This child that so wanted a Christmas tree could have easily asked one of the businesses along Route 25 to place this tree.
But no, it has to be on vacant town property. Smarter heads should have prevailed on this one and voted no.

This request should have been sent to the school board and let them vote on this.

Someone is using this child and that is not a good example to set for this child student by this selectboard.

Anonymous said...

December is the darkest month of the year. What's wrong with a little festivity?

Drive by CruCon or through Meredith. There's something about seeing lights this time of the year that lifts ones spirit.

Celebrate whatever makes you happy during the dark days of winter, enjoy the season and lighten up.

Anonymous said...

"enjoy the season and lighten up."

You'll be singing a different holiday song when some kid trips over the extension cord and gets electrocuted !

The liability is now on the town.

This vote/approval was not thought through.

Anonymous said...

an innocent post about a feel good thing for the community becomes a fear of electrocution, lawsuit and perhaps an attack on religion or an attack on the constitution. Take your pick. It's just tree wth lights on it. Look at the one that the library puts up every year. publicproperty and no electrocutions.
Check out page 14 of saturdays laconia sun and the nice story of the Ashland communty Christmas tree. some of y'all just can't help yourselves and that is just a very sad commentary on our world today. To them the glass is always half empty.

Anonymous said...

To: "Anonymous said...
You folks are missing the point here."

With all due respect; It appears that you are the one missing the point! This is about community and celebration. Nobody is pushing their religion on you, however perhaps exercising their religious rights! If somehow you're offended by someone welcoming you to participate in the seasonal community events, don't! Voice your opinion, but please don’t come here name calling. And please, take care to keep your drinks away from your computer, we wouldn't want you to be electrocuted.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody is pushing their religion on you"

A Christmas tree has no meaning?

Christmas has no meaning?

Surely, you josh !

Anonymous said...

Ok now. It appears that you are quite confused Anon 12:37!

Citizens celebrating their faith is not the same as forcing something on you, or forcing you do anything! Likewise if I wear a cross around my neck!

Of course Christmas has meaning to those of that faith!

I cant fathom how anyone could feel offended by other community members celebrating their faith, unless somehow they wanted to feel that way!