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Friday, November 28, 2014

Cable Franchise Ascertainment Hearing Thursday December 4th 7pm

"The Cable Television franchise agreement between Time Warner Cable Inc. and the Town of  Moultonborough is up for renewal in March of 2017. The Board of Selectmen, as statutory Issuing  Authority for the Town of Moultonborough will conduct a public ascertainment hearing, in accord
with Section 626 of the Federal Cable Communications Act, as amended:"

(SEC. 626. (a) During the 6-month period which begins with the 36th month before the franchise expiration, the franchising authority may on its own initiative, and shall at the request of the cable operator, commence proceedings which afford the public in the franchise area appropriate notice and participation for the purpose of—
``(1) identifying the future cable-related community needs and interests; and
``(2) reviewing the performance of the cable operator under the franchise during the then current franchise term.)
This an opportunity for the public to voice their opinions. Not that we have a lot of leverage,  but we want to negotiate as favorable an agreement as possible. The current agreement went into effect in 2001. 
After the ascertainment process the Town can submit a request for proposal (RFP) to Time Warner Cable (TWC) requesting Proposal for Renewal or  TWC may submit a proposal on its own. It is a fairly complicated process which is why we have engaged an attorney to represent the Town's interests and assure that we follow the law and fully understand our rights and responsibilities. 


For Transparency's Sake said...

This maybe off topic but the town should be video taping ALL meetings and post them on line. Why this has not already been done? Towns the size of Moultonboro video tape and post all their meetings. This should be a priority for our Select Board. It can't be a matter of cost. What's the hold up?

Anonymous said...

Not a good time to think about Time Warner Cable....it has been out since Wed Eve, and no trucks in sight. With Time Warner up for sale to Comcast, it seems premature to jump into this with $ lawyers, as Comcast may rewrite the script.

Fight For It.. said...

Dear Transparency, this never was a Town Hall idea. Private citizens showed up with cameras about 3 years ago, and at times still have to fight for access to a meeting.. Our Town Hall control freak finally jumped on board....probably to control the process. A private citizen is generously doing the camera work for the town. When they wear him down, it will turn into a great job opportunity. $ $. For a connected local. The school board just banned students from the Audio-visual club from taping meetings.....said they had to be in bed early. Are they out of touch? We will need a continued public demand to have all committees allow video. They do not have a warm fuzzy feeling about public access on video.

Bad Decision said...

The stumbling block is Carter. He had the opportunity to install equipment in town hall that would have automatically taped meetings. Instead he chose to have meetings manually taped. Question is will the Selectmen correct the situation?

Anonymous said...

Dear fight for it,
Where did you get your information about the school board banning students?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Students have not to my knowledge been banned from filming meetings. The school is not in favor of students participating during school hours as it disrupts the school day. There may be an opportunity for interested students to film evening meetings as part of their community service.

Anonymous said...

We need to stay on topic. The issue here is he performance of Time Warner and how to deal going forward. In my opinion, TW is marginal in performance. They continue to block Boston channels, they claim many channels but there are numerous duplicates on their guide. Internet speeds are manipulated to force people to buy more expensive service, costs continue to escalate without improvements in service, some people cannot get service because TW does not want to incur the costs, service is slow, etc. etc. The only way to improve things, in my opinion, is to join with other communities who also have expiring contracts and leverage the combined group to get a better deal. Also, unless we foster some sort of competitive discussions with other than the TW monopoly, things will just continue along the same path. That said, with the ongoing changes in technology, it makes little sense to negotiate another very long term deal. TW will want a long term thing, but we can press for shorter duration and more openers every 5 years to renew if we want. There are things that can be done, but unless we get a mass of communities to buck TW, we will get nowhere. This is where the BOS can exert leadership by not going it alone. Just my opinion.....and we need to get more comments and avoid the discussion on taping of meetings...that is a side issue that we are very appreciative of but not the issue at hand.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Can't wait for the MoBo version ....



Use Citizen Input said...

Posted at 8:31. That is all excellent advice. PLEASE E-mail it to Hope Kokas at town hall, for inclusion in correspondence at a B O S meeting, and more important, show up and read it to them. This is good guidance for them.
Unfortunately, the T A prescribed the current direction....complex situation, heir a lawyer. Lawyers are great for saying what can be done, but have little vision on what SHOULD be done. Here, a sharp T A would reach out to citizens like you, who have a focus and grasp on the issue, and draw in your expertise. Does not happen here tho.." Loss of control "
Reading your post to the BOS is a good first step, tho it takes 3 out of 5 votes there - like hearing cats...but perhaps they will admonish the T A to let them lead on this issue. That will get it into the public minutes of the B O S.
Please come forward and provide your wisdom on this...they need all the help they can get.

Broadband Bill said...

For those willing the slog through a lot of text, the folks at UNH and the regional planning commissions put together an inventory of town's cable franchise agreements. You can start with the link;
and also look at a publication on franchise agreements by the Southwest Region Planning Commission. That link is here: