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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting November 13th 2014

As always, the video can be found here on the Town website. The latest School Board meeting and the "Talk of the Town" can also be found there.


$$$ Flying said...

The written minutes of this meeting are posted on the town website. They show how far away this town has moved from being a small New England town. The CIPC made a great presentation, but the BOS wants to get their oar in the lake also.
Hey, a couple of firetrucks, a couple of tractors for highway, a couple of police cars, lights for the softball field at playground drive...There is an incredible amount of expendurature being bantered about here. May be time for town meeting to develop an attitude, and not automatically approve all that is thrown against our wall.

Mt. Rattler said...

I concur. A couple of this and a couple of that, adds up really quickly, right along with a new Community Center, sidewalks, and Conservation land purchases ( the conservation purchase being the only thing proposed other than the solar array that makes sense) big money= big heads, if we table these "big wants" I don't believe we will regret it in a few years.

Off the Neck Road said...

All these expenditures meam job security for the Town Administrator.

PAIN in the Neck said...

Off the Neck Road....you can say that again....and again. The stuff he has dug up, and executed very poorly, or with deception is appalling.. He led thesidewalk location meetings with deception. He cooked up the Locate the gym in 3 hour and a half meetings, and got it wrong, per our landscape engineer. He is lead clandestine guru onPreserve Lee Pond. He is the cause of UNH showing up here to tell us we need a gym.
How much longer are we going to have to stay on the offence, playing defense against a very poor match for this town ?