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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Town Budget Taking Shape

Still a ways to go yet, but the basic framework is in place. A page has been set up on the Town website with 2015 Town Meeting information and will be populated with more and more information as the weeks progress. Please note that the "Town Administrators Recommended Budget" is precisely that: recommended. Ultimately the Board of Selectmen after a thorough review of all the information as well as input from the ABC and CIPC , will make the call as to what we recommend for voters at Town Meeting.
Please also be aware that we have no control over petitioned "Special " warrant articles ( those that call for appropriations) which if approved are over and above our recommended budget.
The CIPC will meet again on December 4th at 10am to review an additional submission from the Department of Public Works and clarification and additional information on a previously submitted proposal.
BoS/ABC budget meetings will conitnue December 5th, 12th and 19th.

1 comment:

He says WHAT ? said...

Town Administrators Reccomended Budget. ? ? Who allowed him a voice .? As he continually bickers with the ABC, and argues against the authority of the CIPC, why should we listen to him when he will not work with our town volunteers on those two committees.
I have see his rampant spending, and have no use for his logic, or expensive budget. His goals for this town do NOT match ours.