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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, November 22, 2014

UNH Recreation Feasibility Study Expected Soon

To date, we do not have a firm date when the UNH study will be presented to the Town team. I asked Town Administrator Carter Terenzini last Friday after the budget meeting if he had heard anything yet as to when it may be forthcoming and he had not. It was expected around Thanksgiving so I presume we will have a presentation in the next few weeks.
Once the report is presented to the Town team it will be presented to the full BoS.


No Zip said...

Looks like it may arrive in time for Christmas. Would be wonderful if it got lost in the mail. Stamp it ' Return To Sender ' and check the blank ' Not Relevant '

Anonymous said...

Expect another turkey!

Anonymous said...

Another production brought to you by your "duly elected" TA.