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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

1.4 Magnitude Temblor Centered in Moultonboro

Not exactly the Great San Fransico quake of 1906, but maybe a first for us. According Moultonboro Fire Chief Bengston :"  Last night at a 10:47 pm Moultonborough experienced a 1.4 Magnitude earthquake centered at Lat. 43.68 and -71.40, this would be in the area of range way at Caitlin Estates Road on Long Point approximately 5.51 mile deep. While social media was a buzz, emergency services were not dispatched for any incidents related to the event."


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

The wife and I felt it, while were watching Marco Polo on TV. We first thought a tree had fallen.

Then we thought ... the ground is trembling.

Maybe, because "sidewalks" came up again, in the Village Vision Committee, along with sewers and water supplies.

Maybe, when "the Village" is defined, we'll have the sun come out at midnight!

At least, the western part of MoBo isn't being discussed. Shusss! ... don't let on, there's sewer down there! Don't need any lightning bolts!

:) :) :)

Need One said...

This earthquake should bring up the discussion about the earthquake response truck. Between Fire, and the DPW that is the only piece of equipment we do not have.

Anonymous said...

Signage.... The state missed that roadsign completely. The Neck road must be marked : Caution Earthquake Zone. When the state decided we needed another 125 new signs, they missed that one.
A sad and serious note tho, on the intersection at the Airport, where there was a loss of life. It is an extremely poorly marked intersection. Come down Holland Hill, and there is a yellow and black monster sign, so you do not hit the church. That same sign is sorely needed out at the edge of the airport, opposite 109 to Wolfboro.

Citizen Jane said...

I remember a jolt from (IIRC) 2009 down near M'boro Bay. At any rate, here's an interesting map of quakes in and around Moultonboro: