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Friday, December 19, 2014

Last Board of Selectmen Business Meeting of 2014

Last nights BoS business meeting was the last of the year because of the upcoming holidays. The BoS will meet this morning to attempt to finish up the budget and get the warrant ready for 2015 Town meeting.
The Broadband committee presented it's report to the BoS and the public and it was positively received. The full report can be found here .  The recommendations as follows were adopted by the BoS in full:
Short term:
1. Adopt a goal of 100% internet availability to the curb, so that all property owners can choose to connect. Direct town staff and volunteers to research solutions for unserved areas and to develop to a cost sharing formula that funds expansion of the communication infrastructure. This will be a best-effort goal and not a property owner’s right.
2. Direct that proposals be solicited from broadband providers, to extend service into pre-identified unserved areas. Be ready to repeat the process if new unserved areas are identified.
3. Ensure zoning/planning/building codes include broadband availability for new development.
4. Create a volunteer digital assistance program to manage expansion activity and help businesses
and residences get more value and productivity from online services.
Long term:
1. Charge the digital assistance program to expand the provider matrix, developed by the broadband working group, into a guide for residences and businesses.
2. Document unserved properties, possibly via property assessment records.
3. In support of the town’s marketing effort, continue to improve the town’s broadband footprint documentation, including mapped areas where business class service is available.
4. Plan to revisit goals and investments every three years.

In addition to the above, the BoS added an immediate goal to utilize some money from the technology fund to install a public open wifi access point in Town Hall. I think that it will send a positive message that we are open for business.

In other business, the Town Engineer contract with KV Partners was not renewed. ( It does not expire until July 2015).  A Town Engineer search committee will be formed after the first of the year. This was not an indication that the town is dissatisfied with KV Partners, and they may very well be the first choice going forward, but rather after 6 years or so it is appropriate to undertake this process to assure that taxpayers are getting the best possible bang for the buck.


DID WHAT said...

BroadBand...The Reccomendations that follow were adopted by the B O S in full. 17 page report..virtually no discussion...just get the report, and adopt it in full? This is dereliction of duty by the BOS. They have to read this, and see what the proposals are. There goes the $ 180,000 in the technology fund. " goal " is to give everyone in town access to B B.......( they claim this is only 40 without B B. Because that's all that responded on the survey. Since when did more then 25% of the town return a survey? Astounding the ramifications the BOS jumped into in 5 minutes. I would rather see all with working septic....

Anonymous said...

Report on B B adopted in full By B O S. Now they are going to have to read it to find out what is in it.. Did this go to any town boards or committees for comment?
All private roads get B B..to sell and revitalize our town? Hallelujah. I thought the lake was our industry.....

Anonymous said...

Good news to learn the pulbic will finally have access to wifi in Town Hall.....a big thanks to the Selectmen for making this happen.

Another service to the public that would be appreciated is video taping of ALL public meetings and making them available 24/7.

Get It Right said...

It is a great positive step for the town, that we did not automatically extend our town engineers contract. Some new blood there, and a closet clean out at town hall might give us some practical plans we can support. Tired of always being on defense against the grandiose and garish. Engineers should stick to the engineering details, and not get involved in the sales pitch.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Anyone with Time Warner try Buckey's hotspot"?

What speed did you get?

Maybe the town can move the town meeting there? Instead of "clickers" we can use the hotspot and broadband, and order another beer! We'll probably need it.



Just sayin' said...

If we think its a good idea to look at other engineers for the town every few years how about doing the same with the TA?

Taxpayer View said...

Just Sayin...No hard rule here, when you get a keeper, you keep him. A T A could go one of two ways, either get to know the town and people, and work for them, and age like fine wine. OR. Get entrenched, insulated, fat and happy, and work to install his own agenda, without being in tune with the town.
We know our wine has turned to vinegar, but the T A serves at the pleasure of the BOS, and a couple of votes out of the four needed think it is too much work to fix things. Good T A's are out there....72 applied for the opening in Bedford. The BOS has to work like hell to keep up with all the stuff that's dug up by a T A who has his own agenda, but the legacy for a couple of our members will be that they left us stuck with vinegar. Sad, after all that work.

Joie Cormier/jcomier2@myfairpoint.net said...

I want to publicly thank the BoS, town administration, town department managers, town elected officials, and anyone else that puts forth, honest and forthright efforts for MoBo.

If you've been following the town calendar, there has been much time and effort put into budgets, including by the BoS.

They are aware of a lot more than may be apparent. They have to separate their emotional decisions, from their town governance decisions, to give the town a fair shake.

These folks have regular jobs, as well!!!!!!

Town meeting/petitions are in season.

I'll throw some fuel(probably explosive) onto the town camp fire
... not SB-2 ... not at March meeting.

A way of helping BoS "run the town" would be to have an Official Budget Committee, not an advisory one. The present ABC is doing a good job, but it is only advisory. An Official Budget Committee would provide the town budget, not the BoS. The BoS are doing a great job, I feel their pain ... especially being one of their hemorrhoids!

One change at town meeting can lead to other changes ... need to be thought out a bit, in advance.

Re: about 4 or 5 Q/A down in this URL:


RSA 32:16


Municipal contracts and NH budget law:






Anonymous said...

Apparently they forgot to include BOSTON channels......??????????

This Feel Right? said...

Back to B B...Unserved...3 private sub-divisions, where they were wealthy enough to bury their utility wires. Now it's proposed to use some portion of public funds to fix their private problem. Somehow how this does not feel quite right.... Private gain, public funds... Did you ever buy a house because the town had 100 % B B coverage?

The BOS accepted this report...now it is time they read it, and thought about it..

The fund they lay claim to is about 180,000 dollars.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"The BOS accepted this report...now it is time they read it, and thought about.

The fund they lay claim to is about 180,000 dollars."

Excellent points!

The BoS accepted, politely, the report. Doesn't mean they will act on it, parts of it, all of it, or none of it. As it should be for any advisory function.

Nowhere does it state that the report was work-group unanimous, nor challenged within the group!

The Tech Fund should be over $210,000, at least!

Broadband Bill said...

A lack of broadband in the three target areas would not have happened if building codes required internet availability, along with electricity and telephone. Who knew? Going forward, the town can ensure that oversight does not happen again without a waver.

The tech fund was approved at town meeting in 2007, with the purpose of providing funds to promote development of communications infrastructure to underdeveloped parts of town. This project (along with lighting up town hall with WiFi) solves the problem it was created to fix.

The BOS voted to accept the 100% availability goal that the BB group (and LRPC) recommended, but with it comes no legal obligations to meet the goal. Tech fund expenditures still need select board approval. Let’s get'r done.

Crystal Ball said...

Short sighted here, our building codes should also require WOOSH-Tube, and Smell-o- Vision. Whoosh is a buried underground utility that allows taxpayers to WOOSH their payments to town hall. Smell - Vision is burried tube in same trench...it can convey the aroma of T V shows. Gunsmoke, with real horse Manuere smell, Ah, the future.
Where is the outrage from the agrevied citizens group, who were wantonly denied B B in their private pipe? If it was so important to them, they would have done something about it. These people are not in Bamboo huts.
If we dump the $ 200,000 will we come alive, and be like Meredith, or Wolfboro, or N Conway ? Good presendense here, maybe the town will get me a real septic system too.

Anonymous said...

Broadband Bill,

Let's get her done above ground like most of us have or underground, the most expensive way? If you think it should be under ground, I think the developments should pay the extra cost.Broadband Bill,

Let's get her done above ground like most of us have or undergro

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Building codes would not have prevented "no cable" at those sites. Those types of building codes would have only prevented the houses from being built ... and probably gotten the town sued ... and lose!

Contract law dictates where the Cable company provides its service, if we are focused on cable/broadband providers, and not other viable broadband providers/technologies.

The "home density per mile" is the real issue, not useless/toothless town mandates! Read #4 page 5 of the franchise (attached).

Keep hearing about "underground utilities" being a reason for no Time Warner cable in some sites. Really! ... then sue Time Warner ... they have a contractual responsibility. See item 5 page 6. Or are we saying these sites, also don't have electricity and telephone ... really! For clarity, the "Grantee" in the contract is Time Warner, not MoBo.

Again, the reason is density, not underground utilities (broadband is, still, not a utility, and is unregulated. MoBo is, sure as hell, not going to be allowed to, vis a vis state and federals laws.

Buying a property ... now ... and forever ... Caveat Emptor ... and don't expect MoBo to bail out.

Does fixing a present perceived problem, fix the problems ... or cause even more, and greater future problems? Using public funds, and if not handled with"MoBo" in mind ... not selected sites ... be very careful!

MoBo's got an attorney, thank God, and She is (God, not the attorney) is smarter than us. Let the attorney negotiate the new franchise. Put emphasis there.


Pay The Bills said...

Perfectly O K to put our money back into the general fund, and use it to pay our year end bills. Our treasurer is worried about cash flow, until tax payments start coming in. Exciting idea...would get one issue off the table.

Help said...

Bury my B B Please.....Back in '38, when we put the 30 amp electric into our old fish camp, they strung an aerial wire, across my neighbors waterfront empty lot. Now he wants to sell it, but the wires cross it, right at the 50 foot setback. Could the town bury my BB, and while the ditch is open, throw in electric, phone and cable?

Very Concerned Citizen said...

All this talk about The Town Engineer. We do need a change but the most critical change necessary now is the TA. Wake up BoS. Yes, he does your work but he has ruined the town and volunteer interest, of which we have an enormous amount of talent just waiting to serve, but not with the Carter Control Domination !!Very Concerned Citizen.