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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

UNH Recreation Feasibility Study Draft Report December 15th 2014


Anonymous said...

The dollars spent per capita is easily skewable as the Blogger pointed out by adding a seasonal population of 20,000 in a town with a permanent population of 4,000. We will go from average to number 1 in rec spending by far if 4,000 is used.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

See ya at the town meeting to vote on the subject matter.

Circa 3700 to 4000 registered voters, in a "town of 4000 residents" (unbelievable ... or is it non-believable), with 250 to 280 voting at town meeting. No, not "taxpayers". That is a different "population", speaking statically :)

What does a "biased" or "skewed" "statistic population" mean again ... speaking statistically?

Can't wait for the refresher course in Quantitative Analysis!




Just do it said...

The town owns over 60 properties? That was news to this taxpayer. I understand Carter's proposing to buy more? I like UNH's suggestion of devesting some of them and getting them on the tax roll, good idea.

And Again said...

22 in the room for this presentation. It was a broad overview, without any of the numbers from the various surveys and focus groups to clarify their views. That will be available after New Years. They maintain we would benefit from a gym, but recognize a substantial majority against it. The final goal they had for us was to deffinately settle the issue of a new indoor gym and Rec center. Guess the study did not do that....so we all live to battle this out again.....and again.....and again..

? said...

UNH recommends the Rec. Depart. use the school for the summer program. Professor Barcelona says it works for other towns all we need is the will to make it happen. Acording to the report 2/3 of the folks that participated in the study agree with Professor Barcelona so who is it that doesn't have the will? The Selectmen? Recreation Director? Carter?

Anonymous said...

In response to ? ....I think it is the School Board elected by the same people that want the gym for their children.

Tricky said...

THE TOWN OWNS 60 + PROPERTIES ? It is in town annual report, page 59. To make you feel better tho, three years ago they stopped listing the total count, and total value, so you have to count them and add them up yourself. We added 5 more this year, but total assessed value dropped about one million to about 14 million.
Tell me again that our real estate values have not declined.. AND tell the BOS to have their clerk total the town owned real estate columns in the town report.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:01, your comment puzzles me. Why would the school board deny children and taxpayers a reasonable solution? Would you elaborate?

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"The town owns over 60 properties? That was news to this taxpayer."

You must have missed previous posts, or didn't see the BoS meeting video that addressed this, way before UNH.

Go to the 2013 annual report(pick it up in the lobby at town hall), pages 59 and 60; 65 properties "assessed" at around $14,744,300. Most is not "available". Maybe the BoS can charge the ConCom to visit the pages, and also include more properties at town GIS/tax maps, and determine the feasibility of using some parcels for "conservancy".

You'll get a better view of where the properties are by going to the town website, GIS/tax maps, enter Moultonborough in the search box, and press "Find Owner". Look at all the red pins show-up ... like a Christmas tree!

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Should have commented: enter: Moultonborough Town of

Anonymous said...

Based on the UNH people saying that there were roughly 2/3 against a new facility and only 1/3 for it, why do we need more studies ??? What is it that the BOS doesn't understand? Please don't talk about the "right balance" when once again the citizens have expressed their strongly felt views. Isn't it about time that the BOS tells the Rec director to stop jamming her unneeded wants down our throats?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 08:42. The SAU is a separate Government Unit. The BOS,T/A, or no one else in Town Hall has authority over school doings other than the School Board. I believe the School Board has rejected the summer use of the schools by the Rec Dept. One of the SB members is on the Gym Study and I think looked kind of askance at the recommendation that the SAU needs to share more. I am older and no longer have children in school so I don't follow the election very closely as I don't know the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Carter and Town Hall not the only one pushinig to remove property from the tax roll. The Conservation Commission is on board and presently negotiating on another parcel. Please, buy it with private funds.

Josh Bartlett said...

There is a very simple way to have the folks pushing this to stop.
It is called SB-2.

If the same 2/3 who were against the ever expanding roles of the TA and Rec. Department were to be the 2/3 who voted in favor of SB-2, the problem would go away.

Every voter would have a chance to hear the information, time to think about it, and to have their wishes be followed with the force of law.

Please find out the facts about SB-2. Please vote for it next time we have the option.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

I'm with Josh!

I'd go a step further and suggest a petition for a "special town meeting" sometime this early summer, with the only agenda item a vote on SB-2.

Only need 50 registered voters to petition (not 25 in this case). Have the meeting when the snow birds are back.

If there is a petition (only 25 registered voters) for this March 2015 town meeting for SB-2 (like previous votes), then the same 200-300 folks decide.

SB-2 allows for ballot voting on ALL of the issues.

And ... No ... the present process DOES NOT allow voting on all of the issues under the present absentee balloting. Those that have the stamina to endure the present process, decide.

Only 200-300 voters, of the close to 4,000 registered voters, vote, for some reason at the lengthy town meeting.

Take away the reasons/excuses, not to have meaningful town meeting voting, and finally get some kind of "majority vote" on all issues for the legislative body.

Maybe UNH should have given a "population" lesson, and the effects thereof; i.e., statistical "population" as they used it in there presentations, versus "population" as it relates to number of MoBo voters!

Is there a policy? said...

If anonymous @ 12:42 is correct in saying it's the School Board that will not allow the Recreation Department to use taxpayer funded schools for their summer camp program, then I'm ready for SB2 as well.

These are taxpayer funded schools. How can the School Board possibly object? Does the School Board have a written policy regarding this non use?

Two Sides said...

Before we question the School Board too harshly, it seems that many of the reasons that this will not work have come from Rec. Our Rec Dept Head firmly believes it is her turn for a building. She has said we have new Life Safety, new Town Hall, Library addition, now it is her turn for a building, and many of her decisions against joint use seem to be to prove a point, that she needs a building. She does not get kick back or guidance from our Town Administrator, who says he is neutral on the want, but ran the wham Bam site selection... We are to believe that in two 90 minute sessions the citizens learned enough to consider all facets of locating that....we were Grubered.