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Monday, December 1, 2014

Wheres the Village?

That is a question that the Village Vision Committee will address in some manner. The 1,000 plus survey responses will certainly provide the citizens point of view and I am anxious to see the results. ( The survey results are due to be discussed at the December 8th Village Vision Committee meeting.)
This is the initial committee consensus view of the Village that they would focus their work on:

At the November 14th meeting ( as per the minutes) of the Heritage Commission  ( who have a seat on the Village Vision Committee) : "It was noted that any boundary change would require zoning amendments. In light of the potential zoning issues the Committee agreed to clarify its earlier “Village Boundary” map to state that it is the position of the Heritage Commission that the zoning boundary should extend  from Blake Road along Route 25 to Berry Pond only (just past Old Route 109)."
Personally, I find that to be too narrow a view for the Village district. A village should include the schools. The Heritage Commission boundaries exclude the Central School.  Changes to zoning ordinances should be a non issue as the Village Vision Committee work is predicated on what can be not on what currently is in place. I prefer a greater diversity in the center of town and as large as Moultonboro is geographically, a larger village is a better choice.
Ultimately, the people will speak on this issue, but I would encourage an open minded view point and not be persuaded by the current constraints, but look toward what is possible. A blank sheet of paper.


For Zoning Adherance said...

The problem with expansion of the Village Zone is the problem with the rest of the Town, little or no adherence to zoning rules. I agree with a minor expansion to the Village Zone, but then lets keep commercial development by spot zoning outside of the the rest of the Town.

Anonymous said...

"Spot" zoning?
"Node" zoning?

Give me a break !

Mt. Rattler said...

Kinda funny that the oldest part of town, having been the hub of industry here at Moultonboro's founding is excluded. Moultonboro Falls was the industrial center, having a saw mill, blacksmith shop, a bull rake mill, a cooper shop, etc. the foundations of these places are still able to be seen among the dated homes in this stretch of town. I would like people to do a little homework, and reconsider this stretch of land. The historical significance is huge.

Anonymous said...

Moultonboro Falls.
Yes. Correct.
Here is a major part of this town's history.
Yet, no mention anywhere.
The town should at least place an historic sign there.
I recall the old house right on the river - that was torn down in the 1960's (I think).
Yes, it was in disrepair.
But we lost another old farmhouse in town.
How many more antique farmhouses will be torn down before the folks at the town hall get it.
Now we have the Adele Taylor property actually owned by the town.
Destined for the demolition dumpster for lack of vision and lack of upkeep by this group of selectmen.
This town has a multiplicity of committees and organizations whose goal is to preserve the country nature of this town. Yet they doesn't seem to be a mechanism to bring them all together.
All of this scurrying around by various committees with zero communications between such.
How about an annual town donation to the Moultonborough Historical Society? Here is an untapped resource whose main mission is to extol the historic nature of this quaint country town.
An untapped resource by our current leadership.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Zoning "stuff" ... from our own Mr. Worthten :)

Starts up @ 7 minutes in, but interesting lead-in!


Keep in mind ... laws ... and legislative body!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments. The Falls area provides a scenic entrance to the Village Area from the south and should be recognized and preserved for the future. Historic markers would be a nice addition. There are other routes into town with early homesteads that would also make a nice gateway to the village from different directions. All of this can enhance the Village.

Anonymous said...

Increasing the village area is a big mistake. There is more than enough rehab to do in the existing area. Lets finish the existing before taking on more than we can chew.