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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Revenue Estimates

We always look at money going out, but there is also money coming in. The 2014 books were not quite closed but the estimates should be fairly close. 2015 revenues are of course estimates.
How does this all play out in the final amount to be raised by taxes?
The net amount of taxes raised in 2014 ( after offset of Fund Balance ) was $6,953,569. The net amount proposed of taxes to be raised for 2015 (also after offset of Fund Balance) is $6,943,358. A reduction of $10,211 or  0.15%. (Note that this is all exclusive of County, Library and any petitioned warrant articles.)
Putting this all together will be the subject of a future post.
The budget and warrant hearing is scheduled for Thursday, February 5th at 7pm Town Hall.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Thanks Paul! Keep up the great work. Only a statutory Official Budget Committee, could put in as many hours/effort, to rationalize MoBo tax money expenditure. Keep Russ close by, as well!

Time Warner cable franchise fee revenue ... Estimated and Actual ...is on page 54 of the 2013 MoBo Annual report (Cable Franchise).

(slow PDF download)


It shows $22,500 to the Tech Fund, but $30,000 from TWC to MoBo.

Maybe Estimated Revenue 2015 can be $100,000 or more ...

Maybe a million dollars, if the gov't get's to regulate the internet. Watch out for the end of Feb., when the FCC makes announcements. It starts tonight with the State Of the Union address, and the comments on broadband.

We should take a poll of how many MoBo taxpayers (not residents)are TWC subscribers, especially if they pay only for TV, not internet. We can widen the gap between residents and non-resident taxpayers by making sure the Tech Fund money is spent only on residents. I'm sure non-residents won't mind! They aren't allowed to vote anyway!

Does anyone know why all of the TWC subscriber money isn't put into the Tech Fund ... or none of it?

Why isn't all of it put into a shrine fund, for the past efforts of MoBo town leaders?

Loosing $$$ said...

Payment in lieu of taxes....$ 35,000. From Geiser Springs Water Bottling plant....does NOT cover what the town spends for snowplow ing and sand on the mountain....and not a penny for the water hauled out.

Out Of Touch.. said...

Lees Mill Dock Leases...$ 3,000. About $ 250 to $ 300 a year per slip...Geeze, it costs me $ 800 per year to get my dock put in, and taken out. And the dock cost $ 12,000.

It Is Our Money.. said...

Sale of Municipal Property........we have $$ 14 MILLION of that....and we show a proposed sale of $ 10,000 dollars?? Are we happy with Town Hall being in the investment real Estate business? Last year value of town owned real estate declined a million, tho we picked up 4 more pieces... one piece of WATERFRONT town owned property, 4 Whittier Hiway, we lease out for $ 1,850 per year.....Hard to reconcile..

He Does Not Get It.. said...

Forest Fire Reimbersment...$ 5,000. And the City Manager still wants to defund the fire tower....He may be afraid of heights...

No Fund Balance ? said...

Cemetary Trust Fund Intrest.....going to ZERO.....bet we own 4 or 5 burial grounds....and to allow them to continue in pertituity, current revenue should be sufficient to meet future maintence. Proper fiscal supervision is an important town responsibility.....as they do not allow burial on private property.

Big Increase ?? said...

Waste Managment, Beach & Temp Permits... What's up here?
Showing an increase from $ 48,500 to $ 70,000 ?? Do not recall a sticker price increase? Do the Feds want to run busses from Lowell Mass to States Landing Beach?
What causes the increase in revenue? It is NOT from increased use of our clean States Landing Beach. It will take years to build Disneyland there.