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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bottomless Pit said....

Bottomless Pit said...
Paul, I'm addressing this question to you since you appear to be the only Selectman that's willing to take a stand on spending. As a taxpayer, thank you.

it's difficult to cut the budget when town employees continue to get raises meanwhile the private sector are making do with none. Town employees receive generous healthcare coverage, pensions and work a 40 hour week while the private sector is losing all of these.

Would you please comment on how negotiations regarding town empoyee benefits impacted this budgets bottom line? How will town employee benefits be handled going forward?

In response, first let me say that I have the benefit of this blog to speak my mind. My fellow BoS would I am sure be happy to comment on your question ( or any question) at any BoS meeting. None of us are shy at speaking our mind. Come out and ask away.
In terms of specifics regarding negotiations, speaking for myself,  I cannot comment on any of your questions at this time as we are currently in the process of collective bargaining negotiations with the Police Dept. Union. I am positive that is the same answer you would get from all the members of the BoS. ( The MPD current CBA can be found here on the NH Public Employee Labor Relations website.)
I can say that it was fortuitous this year that our health insurance premiums, as per the TA have gone down about $35,000 due to a positive experience rating, a favorable employee mix  and competitive bidding. 


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

An experiment was conducted a few months back ... by me!

The experiment was to email a statement to the BoS, and the TA. It was addressed to the BoS Chair, with a request to forward to those BoS members that do not have their email listed on the town website. I respect their right to privacy ... so I let Jon poke them!

The statement was:

"I am going to ask you this question at the next business BoS meeting: (state the question)at the "Citizen Input" part of the agenda. There are two "Citizen Inputs", so you can keep the BoS on edge!

The email was sent at least a week ahead of the meeting, and the meeting is on video.

The question doesn't have to be in person. Send them a letter and request that it be read as part of "Correspondence" ... part of the BoS meeting agenda.

I got great answers (some were "set-ups", but the BoS wasn't blindsided)), and the BoS gave the answers quickly,
succinctly, and I have no problem with "prepared" answers.

Mother raised some ugly kids, but no fools!

I wish more of you would do the same. The BoS have been receptive and delivered.

... and the meeting doesn't get dragged on. You know ... **** or get off the pot :)

Just a PS:
RSA 273-A:


Right On, Joe said...

Right on, Joe...your next question might be how the Rec Dept Building windows request went from $ 66,000 to $ 9,800. What did they want to do with the pork?
Let's follow the Branley report, fold the rec dept into central school space, and DONATE the building to the wellness center. Do something for the old folks, and get another building safely secured from town hall antics.