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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Budget and Town Warrant Nearing Completion

The final Friday budget meeting wrapped up yesterday around noon and we are getting very close to the final product for budget and Town warrant. The budget and warrant hearing would be held in early February.
The last day to submit petitioned warrant articles is February 3rd.
I will post more specifics on the budget in the coming days and there will also be information on the Town website. A discussion of the Town Warrant will also be the topic of the February Talk of the Town by the Town Administrator.
Yesterday's meeting also had a heated discussion of changes proposed to the CIPC Charge and Composition. The proposed changes which will be formally addressed at the next BoS business meeting on January 15th. The changes proposed can be found here beginning on page 254.
Changes to the Master Plan Implementation Committee are also on the table ( same link beginning on page 259) which will first go to the Planning Board for consideration and comments.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Thank you, BoS, for the inordinate amount of time spent on budgets, and other town issues.

Some might say five voices are not enough for MoBo (SB-2). The current BoS is a good mix (I think) and March 10th will set the stage for a new BoS mix; 40% replacement.

Let the candidates begin ...

Maybe the Town Moderator should bring a list of names he thinks could be of service to MoBo, and help in the time consuming effort of town budgeting, and transparency.

Let's see ... 12 Official Budget Members ... divided into how many boards/depts. = more transparency.

" RSA 32:15 Budget Committee Membership. –
I. The budget committee shall consist of:
(a) Three to 12 members-at-large, who may be either elected or appointed by the moderator, ..."


Warrant articles, petitioned or otherwise, can be "altered" (not subject change) on "the floor" ... and not just about budgeting!

Let the fun begin!

Josh Bartlett said...

I have been on the CIPC for several years and it works quite well to develop good, sound plans for necessary Capital Improvements, while providing the Town Departments with planning tools and the resources they need.
It would be very helpful for the voters to understand who wants to make the changes, and why?

Palace Coup ? said...

Three questions on the CIPC reform agenda please. Is this in preparation for placing a question on the March warrant articles?
The courtesy extended to the planning board on the MPIC charge change.....was this extended also, to the CIPC board, so they have a chance to justify their citizen participation?
Town Citizens created both boards by warrant article votes. Has there been a public clamor to change the charges?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

A few clarifications: The draft warrant currently on the Town website is not the draft we reviewed yesterday. That will be posted soon.
The changes to the CIPC charge were proposed by the Town Administrator. The changes to the MPIC were proposed by myself.
Only the CIPC was created by Town meeting vote. The MPIC was a recommendation of the 2008 Master Plan and authorized by the BoS. As such I felt it appropriate to send the proposed changes to the Planning Board for review and approval. Russ Wakefield is the BoS Rep on the PB and had the same recommendation.
As for the CIPC, I cannot explain why the CIPC changes were not reviewed collaborativey by the TA with the CIPC prior to going to th BoS. It is my opinion that it should have. Such collaboration would go a long way to making the process much less contentious and is the proper way to do business.

A Break, Please said...

Mr Bartlett, thanks for your participation on the CIPC. It has served the citizens well, with no major complaints from taxpayers. Brings to mind: if it isn't broke, don't fix it. There are 67 changes outlined by our town administrator, that have been presented in a format you can not understand. This seems to be his red line in the sand for us....over the years we have seen many swipes at both the ABC and the CIPC. Why volunteer to be ignored ?
The BOS is going to have to come down on one side or the other, as the T A forces issue after issue. Do they back the TA, or back the voters and taxpayers? The continued diatribe makes it impossible to do both.