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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Constitutional Amendment Proposed to End Donor Towns

The dreaded donor town threat just won't go away. There does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel if a proposed Constitutional Amendment gets on the ballot in November 2016.
The proposed amendment places the responsibility and authority on the Legislature to define standards and funding for public education in NH. It seems like it may pass the Senate , but the real battle will be in the House. The amendment is sponsored by Senator Stiles and our own Senator Jeb Bradley. I can't help but mention (again) that Sen. Bradley, who the Coalition Communities states worked " tirelessly" to prevent the return of donor towns, voted to approve the very same as a member of the NH House in April of 1999. To get an idea of how much that cost our taxpayers, here is a list of donor towns for the 2004- 2005 tax year, the last year we were forced to " donate" our excess education funding. Moultonboro was by far the largest donor town at $4,033,580, nearly 20% of the statewide total.
As the Coalition Communities letter suggests, emails or phone calls to the Senators on the education committee in support would be helpful, especially from taxpayers of the highest taxed donor community.
One concern that lingers in my head is how the legislature will "...determine the amount of, and the methods of raising and distributing, state funding for public education."


Anonymous said...

Maybe NH Sen. Bradley wants to be US Senator Bradley?

Anonymous said...

I suspect it will be a huge PUNT to get it approved. After all, the large voting populations in the southern part of the state have nothing to gain by approving any amendment that eliminates donor towns. The few donor towns will not stand a chance. Whether it is the ballot box or the legislature, the large representative population in the big cities will always win in any donor town assessment fight and that will spell DOA for this. It is all about where the votes are, not whether it is fair or not.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Blogger can post this on Winnipesaukee.com and alert the entire lakes region community?

Margaret Merrifield said...

Why is this not done by population and not assessed values?
Where in NH history did this formula come from?
Back to donor towns.
This is another stupid NH state thing.
I guess we can thank our state elected officials for all of this.
Where is Carol Crawford . . . now?
On this?

Never Heard From Her.. said...

Karel Craford only has one goal...private enterprise running driver training. She has never ventured any comments on any other topics to the voters...
This is a perfect example of voting by name recognition...voters still sleep...

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Paul doesn't need the money ...




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