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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Decisions, Decisions....

The BoS sure do make a lot of them. So many in fact that we can't always remember what was decided. Sounds a little silly perhaps, but in reality, it does takes time to research and find an answer which can cause things to be delayed until the next meeting or later. Equally important is the difficulty of passing on consistent information to all departments and citizens.
The solution that we agreed upon last Thursday was to create a decision database of sorts that will keep track of all decision the BoS make and can be easily referenced. Since this was the first meeting of the year, it seemed like an ideal time to get this started.
So in the future when one of us asks " what did we decide about..." we can have the answer in front of us.....and you.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"... a decision database of sorts that will keep track of all decision the BoS make and can be easily referenced."

Great idea! It could even "document" the reviewed meeting minutes!

While were at it, how about putting a remote controlled camera on the back wall, up by the clock. The BoS could control.

I was leery of proposing in the past, for fear of upsetting Hollis or Nancy for the great work they've been doing. While on the phone with Hollis (picking him up for the BoS meeting) I was surprised to hear him bring it up!

Why not use some of the $200,000++ Tech Fund money, sitting there (maybe put the rest into the General Fund).

Make it broadband! Put it on the internet in real time. Use the channels provided by TWC. Hell, put a broadband "CLICKER" for feedback from the public. Put email in for the "Public Input" segment of the BoS meetings to field questions, especially for anonymous and camera shy. MoBo's version of Twitter.

Allow, how many times, and under what statutory reason the PUBLIC meetings go into "non-public" sessions ... not talking about BoS meeting, in particular.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Right on Joe. The last two Friday work sessions have been "filmed" (what is the correct word anyway- not videotaped anymore as it is all digital) with the camera stationary in the back close to the speakers. A camera mounted on the wall with a remote on-off control and the sound fed directly to the camera through the mixer would work very well.

For Clarity said...

Documentation. Another big hole in our records is the lack on dates, and revised dates, on all entries in the town website. Need a clear directive to " staff " that all entries need a footnote date. This is business 101,

Just around the corner said...

Blogger, I think the phrase is Digitally Captured.

Not In Town Hall.. said...

Digitally WHA ?? Need the privacy of your bedroom for that video.