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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year-2014 in Review

It was way back in January ( actually very late December 2013)  that the  UNH/NH Broadband Mapping and Planning Team notified us we were one of three towns selected to receive assistance with our broadband effort. That effort culminated in a report almost a year later with a set of recommendations from our Broadband Committee.
The Planning Board held a " vision" work session on January 29th.  "A good basis for a  vision for the Master Plan ( one page or less) was put to paper. In addition, a committee was authorized by the PB to develop a vision for the village with recommendations to achieve that vision." 
The Village Vision Committee appointments were completed by Planning Board on February 26th and the first meeting was set for March 4th.
March was pretty much all about elections and Town Meeting. Two new school board members elected, Richard Brown and Lauren Sturgeon. One new Selectman was also elected, (even though his name was misspelled on the ballot) and Russ Wakefield was re-elected.
At Town meeting, the sidewalk petitioned warrant article was defeated by a tie vote of 101 to 101.
A Code of Conduct ordinance easily passed. We bought the Adelle Taylor property and a site study for the Blue Ribbon Commission recommendations was also funded. Article 22 was successful to limit displaying consumer fireworks. In April, the "Talk of the Town" debuted on the Town website.
 The Carroll County Commissioner's went into  prolonged "recess" awaiting documentation of proof for accusations made by Commissioner  Aisha Kenney in a letter to the Conway Daily Sun on Wednesday April 9th,  Still waiting, but the meetings did resume at the end of the month.
Jeffrey Hayes, Executive Director of the Lakes Region Planning Commission came before the BoS to introduce himself and a discussion ensued about the fairness or lack thereof of the LRPC annual member dues. That discussion continues as we are in the process of some negotiation of a more equitable fee structure. The jury is still out on that one.
Many residents took part in the broadband speed test that continued over the summer as part of the Broadband Committee.
The Zoning Board in May, denied a variance request for  a proposed Dollar General store near Rt 25 and Blake Road. A Gilford parent made news by being arrested at a Gilford School Board meeting.
The Gym/Facility site study got underway and  a neighborhood volunteer work party did some nice work at the States Landing beach area.
During the summer, the Planning Board conducted a number of focus groups for the Land Use and Transportation chapters of the Master Plan. The BoS held a planning and goal setting retreat. Moultonboro Recreation Director Donna Kuethe,  was picked to receive New England Women of the Year from the "Every Child is Ours" organization. No July 4th parade this year due to inclement weather.
A site for a possible gym/facility was agreed upon by the BoS and School Board in August adjacent to the Academy and the Adelle Taylor property. A joint BoS/School Board subcommittee was formed.
In September, the BoS met with their counterparts in Center Harbor. The UNH Gym Feasibility Study kicked off. An annual luncheon to honor our many volunteers was held at the Lions Club.
In October, Surveys were available from the UNH team and focus groups and a "Town Wide" meeting were conducted. Moultonboro's first "Convention of Committees" was held. Moultonboro  Bay Inlet Watershed Restoration Plan Kickoff Meeting occurred on October 27th.
November began with election day. The tax rate was set at $8.86. The NH Electric Coop proposed a small solar array for the old town landfill at the Transfer Station. The water was once again safe to drink at town hall.  Budget meetings began.
In December, the Cable Franchise Ascertainment Hearing was held and the draft of the UNH Feasibility Study was presented to the Town team. 
Finally, Moultonboro experienced a very small earthquake just before Christmas. 
In all, a very active year in local government. 
As we head into 2015, I expect another very busy year. From our family to yours, we hope and pray that 2015 will bring much joy, happiness and prosperity.
See you next year.


Still More said...

A few more piles to step in: substantial salt contamination remains at highway garage land, professional remediation study requested. States Landing Beach cleanup morphs into theme park. First step of selecting a liminoligist to oversee lake cleanup still not discussed.
Sinking life-safety building investigation underway to determine what holds up main equipment bay floor. blueprints not available. Fatal auto crash at 109 and airport may point out need for a flasher at that intersection. Need to preserve history and animals, the Lee Pond Preserve still simmers looking for $$$. Grange Hall quietly waits it turn to be revitalized. Night lighting for soft ball field at playground drive to be discussed. Solar panels at dump to be discussed. Remediation issues at oldest landfill site to be discussed. BUT some real progress, a web access will be opened in town hall, for citizens who want their computers at meetings...a necessity, with so much to track

Anonymous said...

Still More, makes some good points. Before the town involves taxpayers in any new projects there's an awful lot on our plate that needs cleaning up first.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing about cost control and reducing taxes. Spend, spend, spend is our new motto. More dreaming at town hall. Dreams of a "village", a gym, sidewalks, etc. etc. Lots of "would like e's". How about some realistic action to control spending? Nope, not on the agenda......

Anonymous said...

Look at the Dec 19 video on the BOS Budget hearing. About two hours into it, we have one selectman expressing dismay over the Board not agreeing to cut ANYTHING. The other four are used to using the plentiful lakefront tax dollars.....if this was a poor town, we would have to carefully spend money. Here, the sky's the limit.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Town legislative solutions to perceived problems ...

... by Feb.3, 2015;last day for petitioned warrant articles.

Get 25 registered voters, submit a petition, and let "the town" vote on it.

RSA 39:3
"... presented to the selectmen or one of them not later than the fifth Tuesday before the day prescribed for an annual meeting, ..."


Don't confuse with school warrants: RSA 197:6


Nor confuse with RSA 40:13,II-a and SB-2.


Of course, SB-2 would allow voting at the ballot box for all issues ... not just the zoning corrections at this year's meeting.

With SB-2, you wouldn't have to attend the "p*ssing" contests at the town meeting.

With SB-2, although there would be a deliberative session (peeing contest), you still don't have to attend it, and still get to vote, and make your voice heard!

Happy 2015!

Anonymous said...

We get what we elect! Would be nice to have some new choices this year. The new one elected last year, Paul P. is doing an excellent job. 2 seats up this year any candidates out there that are not spenders would be welcomed?

Anonymous said...

New canadate....how about a Real Estate type ? They could guide our spending to position the town where we could sell the old homestead easier.. Yep, need a gym...no one moves into a town that does not have a gym.

Change is Good said...

Is the town getting a new Town Admistrator in 2015?

Anonymous said...

I have heard that no incumbents are running again for BOS. I have not heard of anyone who is running for the seats. I guess we will know by the end of the month!

Issues said...

Near impossible to have time to be on the BOS now, as the town administrator drags us into every issue that comes down the pike. Until the B O S gets out of their training pants, and solves him, it will continue to be a zoo.

Suzy in Kona said...

I hope Jean Beadle runs for BoS as chatter indicates. She is the kind of person we need at the helm. Smart, does her homework, thorough, and no agenda.

Anonymous said...

Jean gets my vote.