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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moultonboro Planning Board January 14th, 2015


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Would someone send this to the Planning Board:


It is really difficult to find.

It is on the HOME Page of the website that we're paying for.

Jon, Chris, Russ, Paul, Joel ... can you help!

Sounds like the MoBo version of the Beetles (sic).

Step Carefully.. said...

Advice to PB upon reciept of BroadBand report: If you " accept " it, include wording: FOR CONSIDERATION. It has many statements NOT backed by fact. It is a very well done term paper, presenting ONE SIDE of a complex issue.
It overstates BB importance as Moultonboro savior...people are here for the lake.
Based on a small sample it states only approx 40 homes involved. Giving a 5% error in sampling, this number may be 250 homes.
It endorses public funding of a private companies infrastructure. This should not be done.
It proposes public funds for the benefit of just 40 residences. NOT FAIR.. They made the decission to spend extra to bury their service..without room for expansion. That poor judgement should not be my expense.
Meredith has twice the money in their cable slush fund, and have the same issues, but decided to give voters a warrant article, returning their money to the general fund. This needs to be an option here.

Anonymous said...

On Broad Band and the slush fund -- there is still time to get 25 signatures to move the money back to the general fund before it favors a select few.

Anonymous said...

It is not appropriate to label the technology capital reserve fund a "slush" fund. That implies something illegal. It is not. Such hyperbole is uncalled for IMHO.

Anonymous said...

"On Broad Band and the slush fund..."

It is what it is ...

"It is not appropriate to label the technology capital reserve fund a "slush" fund."

Yes it is, because that's what it is.

Th only people upset are those that are ripping-off of the rest of the Town. Put it in the General Fund, where it belongs. I don't have sewer. I want a sewer fund. This Tech Fund stinks so much of town corruption, gives another reason for a sewer fund.
Who's managing the fund the TA. Where does that money come from and how much?

Anonymous said...

Slush Fund Definition | Investopedia
The term "slush fund" indicates a fraudulent use of money. Expenses paid for out of a slush fund may be disguised as legitimate expenses, such as salaries, but ...