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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Press Release From Moultonboro Selectmen Candidate Josh Bartlett

For Release 9:30 AM                                                                                    21 January 2015
Josh Bartlett Files for Moultonborough Selectman
Moultonborough— 21 January 2015Today, Josh Bartlett filed for election to the Town of Moultonborough’s Board of Selectmen. 
Mr. Bartlett, who has served the Town in many elected and appointed offices, said today that he believed that it was time for him to make the commitment to serve the people of Moultonborough in this important position.  
He said: “If the people so honor me with election, I promise to help provide the Town with positive, trustworthy leadership.  My two guiding principles will be Transparency in your Government, and assuring that the Rules are the same for Everyone. It is, after all, about service to all the people.”
Josh, a resident of Moultonborough since 1978, has served the Town as Library Trustee, and worked on the Central School expansion review.  He continues to serve on the Capital Improvements Program Committee and on the Village Vision Committee, and has been elected to the Planning Board, where he now serves as Chairman.  He has also served the Moultonborough United Methodist Church as Trustee Chairman and as Building Committee Chairman on two major projects.
He has been an entrepreneur, a certified teacher, and a builder, but his professional life has been mostly in the Construction Supply Industry where he worked for years training Architects, Engineers, Code Officials, Lumber Dealers, Builders, and Firefighters in the use and characteristics of modern wood frame construction.   He has published several articles regarding these products and had testified before Legislative Committees in several States regarding Building Codes and life safety issues. 
Josh lives in the Village with his wife, Diane, and can often be seen on his walks around the Town.

For further information Please contact him via email: joshbartlett@roadrunner.com or at 603-707-6028.  


Anonymous said...

Way to go Josh. Got our votes.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...



MoBo's got a chance at real, "HOPE AND CHANGE" and not just lip-service.

My checkbook is open, if donations are allowed to a campaign fund.

Not the the Tech Fund :)

Anonymous said...

Josh, kudos for stepping up to plate, my only hope is that you don't choose to recuse yourself from votes when you have no conflict of interest as you have done in the past on the planning board. We need people who take a stand even when the choice is difficult.

Tell the whole story said...

I beliene Mr Bartlett does take a stand. Suggest that you go back and review that whole planning board fiasco and you will find that he entire board wsa put between the proverbial rock and hard place. The chair at he time, Tom Howard refused to show any support for his board members and was the only vote against sending a letter to the select board opposing the removak hearings. Sad day in our town best left in the past. No winners there.

Anonymous said...

Josh, excellent news, you can count on our votes.

Bud Heinrich said...

Mr Bartlett would bring a good skill set to our town. Just the point that he knows about building committes is a breath of fresh air. Adding him to the BOS should go a long way towards assuring us that anything done will be done right. Mr Bartlett has my complete support.