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Monday, January 5, 2015

Response from House Reps on Roll Call Vote Proposed Changes

I have received so far about 10 responses to my email to all NH House Reps asking them to not increase the number of seconds required from 10 to 20 to ask for a roll call vote. All that I received were not in favor. If you agree, there is still time to email  (hreps@leg.state.nh.us) the NH House members as per the response below( highlight is mine).

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your time to e-mail us.  We must not allow this rule to happen in the NH House of Representatives.  When a member feels a bill should be Roll Called and in front of the voters I will always stand.  Current Roll Calls only need 10 members to stand and second the Rep that wish to Roll Call that vote.  This has worked very well and to increase that number to 20 members is for one reason only.  To not be on the record.  To have secret voting in the House.  Sadly we have many Representatives that wish to keep their votes secret from you. 

Please share with you friends and ask them to e-mail us and stress a NO vote on the Roll Call rule change is the only vote that we should have.

Thank you again for your time,

Representative John A. Burt
Fish and Game Committee
624-5084 home number


State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

This is an important issue. There are those who would like to hide their votes. There are those who believe roll call votes take too much time and are costly. There are those who would rather make backroom deals.
I believe that the voters SHOULD know how their representatives are voting. As former Supreme Court Justice Brandeis said “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”
If you agree with me and are one of those who believe in transparency, please email your representative and ALL reps at Hreps@leg.state.nh.us. Tell them to vote AGAINST the amended rule 22c. Thanks.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Let me play devil's advocate ... novel idea!

Maybe the NH State gov't, the third largest legislative body in the English-speaking world, could be welcomed into the 21st century.

Secrecy is fine for personal issues, public issues are just that, public.

The "newspapers" are/should be printing what laws are becoming effective in 2015; put those phones away while driving! Last year's work of our legislators.

How an elected official votes, is important. We're a Republic, not a Democracy. However, the only reason it is important is to see if they vote to our liking. MoBo is a stellar example of that!

I'm actually using this post as a ploy, to get your attention to an FCC decision coming up at the end of February on broadband. :)


There are times we need more privacy, but not by our legislators.


Josh Bartlett said...

I have received a number of additional responses from House Members, including Ms. Crawford, all stating they will not support this change.

Thanks to all!

State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

The amended rule was tabled today. It was clear that the emails sent to House members had an impact and the new Speaker retreated from their amendment.
I would have preferred an up or down roll call to see who wanted to hide their votes but at least it is dead.
Thanks to everyone who contacted Reps. You can make a difference.