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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Open Board of Selectmen Seats

Jon Tolman, Chair of the BoS announced last evening that he will not be seeking re-election to the BoS this March. With the previously announced intention of Joel Mudgett  current Vice Chair who also will not seek another term after nine years, there will be two open seats on the BoS up for grabs.
If my math is correct, the sign up dates for this local election cycle will be January 21st through January 30th.
In other business, the BoS decided to hold an annual clean up day at the pre-1981 land fill. I moved for the DPW to liaise with the Conservation Commission in planning and conducting this annual event as the area is environmentally sensitive. The motion passed unanimously.
We had an interesting discussion in the process of approving a requested name change of a private road. I noted that there was a thick packet of papers involving multiple lawyers for what seems like a very simple procedure with only a few homes involved on a private road. Nothing is easy or simple when it involves any branch of the government. Schultz Farm Road will be changed to Portage Pass.
The BoS will meet again today beginning at 8:30am to finalize the warrant and review proposed changes to the CIPC and MIPC charges and the Fund Balance policy.


Anonymous said...

Portage Pass.......How yuppie......I liked Scratched Canoe Trail. Will hold off ordering new stationery for a while.

Town Hall Junkie said...

Many thanks to Jon Tolman for a job well done...he kept order, a good diplomat, trying to herd cats. The job is really full time, given the current help they get from the Town administrator. It is not possible to lay plans, and listen to all the citizens when all the time is spent understanding and unraveling an agenda from an over-active town administrator who just considers the BOS another tool to go around.
The BOS knows that they get no support carrying out our chosen system of town governance...they have to be in defense ..BUT it takes 4 votes out of 5 to solve our biggest problem, and we did not have that with the current 5

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that Jon will not be seeking re-election. While I may not always agree with him, he has proven to be a well-informed, level headed selectman and has done a great job as chair.

Please.... said...

Agree, Jon has done a good job. Perhaps as one of his last duties he'll do the town a favor and vote NOT to renew the TA"s contract.

Anonymous said...

Last year the old Board renewed the TA's contract before the new Board was seated. Will the same thing happen this year?

Anonymous said...

I wish the Board would publicly pledge not to consider renewal of the TA's contract until after a new Board is seated and until a public hearing is held before the new Board.

Please said...

The T A contract dictates when the contract requires action. The contract was provided by the T A when he came on board, and is very much in his favor. It may cost us a year of his pay, to send him south. Do not worry about the money, we will find that in a revolving account somewhere.
This is something we need to do, so we may get on with a town run by its chosen governance. We can learn, and go forward, if 4 out of the 5 BOS will step up to the plate.

Bob Goffredo said...

I would like to express my thanks to Joel for his 9 years of service to the people of Moultonborough. Joel has consistently been available at meetings and when he was the chair the Citizen Input was available to everyone who wanted to speak on any issue as it remains today.

Joel has served the town with concern and confidence and I for one will miss his presence at the BoS meetings.

I do hope he will have second thoughts as Moultonborough needs his experience as well as all our Selectman.