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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BRC Feasibility Study

For clarification purposes, the meeting on February 4th at 3pm is to finalize the BRC Site Study that was undertaken last year. As far as I know, the plan was essentially completed and presented to a joint BoS/School Board meeting last September. I don't know that there are too many loose ends to close, but we'll see.
In addition, the following  will take you to the draft of the UNH Moultonboro Recreation Needs Assessment and Planning Report which has more commonly been referred to as the feasibility study.
This has not yet been published on the Town website, but it is very much a public document and in fact was paid for by public dollars, so taxpayers have a right to see what they paid for. I ran for BoS on a campaign of openness and transparency and this is consistent with that pledge.
Keep in mind that neither the Town team nor the BoS have had an opportunity to meet and discuss this report and the final disposition of it has yet to be determined.
The Town team will meet on Monday February 9th at 3pm in Town Hall and the public is welcome.


Disgusted said...

I read nothing new in the UNH report. It was a waste of taxpayer money. The UNH study was nothing but a means to justify an end......a Warrant Article, for another gym.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

This might be a duplicate post. I attempted a post, and think I hit a wrong button, and sent it out into cyberspace.

Thank you, again, Mr.Blogmeister for the info. and this site.

Pages 31-36 are the five recommendations.


If MoBo had an SB-2 form of gov't these five (5) recommendations could be ballot questions, instead of recommendations.

If MoBo had an Official Budget Committee, instead of an advisory committee, we could have up to twelve (12) qualified individuals debate the issues, while formulating the town budget.

Instead, we'll probably have the same old bloviating.

Moult Manipulation.. said...

Today they " Finalize " the Blue Ribbon Gym site report??
The Village Vision report is at the printers.. That committee worked a year, are we going to ignore them, and plunk a 6 million dollar Rec Edifice into the small village? Without A Building Committee? Ludicrous.

Who is the Pawn? said...

What's the connection between the UNH study and retaining our Town Administrator? I suspect, the Selectmen that vote to retain Mr. Terinzini are the same Selectmen that are desperate for the proposed gym.

Could it be the puppeteers are the Selectmen and not Mr. Terenzini?

Sad Situation.. said...

How can they finalize the BRC site study report without a building committee passing on it. We do not have a snowballs chance of getting this done correctly as the manipulation pro gym takes proirity. We saw the first plans on this 3 years ago...the old McDonalds Barn Theme, proposed for the wetlands. We must pry this project away from the scheming pol, and get some practical council who respect the public building process.

For Rational Development said...

I am troubled that one of the recommendations about the Lions Club will likely be ignored as it is a secondary recommendation buried in the report and recommendations.

We need to rationalize the club lease that appears to have been a bail out for the club that gave the Town little benefit.

If the Town really builds facility on the Taylor property, the quid pro quo is to sell the Lions Club back to the Lions or alternatively develop the property in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance as Residential/Agricultural.

In my view the Lions Club is an albatross, probably a fire trap that doesn't meet code and should be dumped by the Town if the Taylor property is developed. Otherwise, the Town should terminate the lease and rebuild the property as a senior center on the exiting footprint.

The Town voters approved both the acquisition of the two properties and all we do is remove properties from the tax roles without any tangible benefit if we reserve them for the next generation.

Anonymous said...

At the 2008 Town Meeting a resident asked if private funding, similar to the private funding the library raised when they built the new addition, was considerated. Tom Howard said a private fund was being set up. To date how much is in that fund?

Take a breath said...

Rational Development, you're not sounding very rational.

The Lion's Club property was nixed because it's too wet. Please let's not sink, no pun intended, any more money into that property.

What Planet ? said...

Rational Development...Thanks for the clueless diatribe on our towns " loins Club " facility. Do you know that 5 organizations routinely meet there, as well as the kitchen use by Meals on Wheels, and the senior lunch/ socials . It is accesable for walkers and wheelchairs, and is of a comfortable size and scope.
You are 100 % wrong to think that the current administration could replace that facility with a practical building.. Until we solve the grandiose and garish issue at town hall, we need a public building moritorium..
Many thanks to the Lions, for all they do for the town.

U N H Error said...

For Rational Development....assume you are talking about the comments in the UNH Gym Need Study. That was one area where many of us at the UNH PowerPoint presentation meeting felt that the UNH team really missed the boat on the value of the Lions Club facility to the town.
Citizens at that meeting voiced the point that they completely mis-judged the Lions facility, and requested that they re-examine, and rewrite that part. It was not revised. This is kind of proof that you can NOT bring outsiders in for a couple of afternoons, and have an overview of town needs.

For rational Development said...

No one is denigrating the current use of the Lions Club (LC), but remember the facility is a Town facility under contract so that the imprimatur of the Town is there.

The problem is that if you build another facility then move the services to a more modern facility. I for one view the LC as a firetrap that requires loads of work to bring it into the 21st century. If the Town doesn't build another facility, modernize the LC property on its current footprint as the land is too wet for expansion.

My point in the last posting was that if the Town builds another facility, get rid of the property and return it to private ownership of the LC, but lets not have two Town facilities to maintain and staff.

Anonymous said...

Firetrap??? You must have been the guide for the UNH team....it is a one story building, and not used for
Sleeping or apartments... It is also built outside of the danger zone, where the public safety building may fall down...so much for town buildings.