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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, February 2, 2015

Five Candidates Running for Two Open Moultonboro Selectmen Seats

They are :
John Anderson
Josh Bartlett
Jean Beadle
Charles Connell
Kelley Marsh

Good luck to all.


Let's Hear said...

We hear frequently from Mr Bartlett on this site. It is refreshing...we know where he stands on issues. VERY important that the other four candidates join us here, and demonstrate that they believe in open conversation with their constituents.
I will have a difficult time supporting candidates who will not go public on this site.

Anonymous said...

Jean Beadle is an excellent candidate. Her work on the ABC makes her very knowledgeable on town matters.

Bio Please.. said...

Who is Kelley Marsh ? Not familiar with the name....

Another Rehash said...

Is this the same Chuck Connell that is a retired boot camp instructor?

BOOT Who... said...

Another boot Camp instructor may be a great idea, if he can put his boot ( you know where )

Margaret Dunlevy said...

Please, please, please, Chuck.
Retire for the final time.

Kelly Marsh said...

Hi everyone! I would like to take the time to introduce myself. I am Kelly Marsh. I am running for Selectman as the post says. If it is ok with the moderator(s), I would like to start a new thread to hear from residents and so that I can tell you about myself.

Josh Bartlett said...

I thank everyone who has encouraged me in this endeavor.

I am also delighted that so many folks are willing to make the commitment of time and talent that the job of Selectman requires.

I would invite anyone who would like to know my views to please ask; either on this Blog, or call me on 603-707-6028.

My primary interest in running is that I want Moultonborough to be the best Town it can be: to have open government, and to respect the wishes of all our citizens.

It is important to me that the rules be the same for everyone.

Thank you for considering giving me the opportunity to help make these things happen.

Go Public, Please. said...

Kelly Marsh...PLEASE take advantage of this wonderful public forum, and tell us about your goals for this town. Don't worry about threads...the Blogmaster will give you a very fair platform....and we will have a chance to ask questions.

Just Around the Corner said...

The list of those running for the two BoS seats is long. This is a good thing. We need more choice for these posts that carry the awesome responsibility of taxpayer monies. The ones that I will have a hard time deciding on because they are great candidates are John A. Josh B. and Jean B. I know these three and they all would be excellent additions to the board. I don't know Kelley M. and Chuck C. was once our TA. One TA per town is all we need. Let's not re-do history.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that there will be a choice this time and not a win by default as was the case the last time. What is something to think about is that 60% of the candidates running are the Neganons from Town Meeting. You remember that group that sat on the right side of the auditorium by the podium. The Just Say No to Everything Group. I encourage everyone to come to the Meet the Candidate forum and to attend Town Meeting and find out what these folks are going to do. While some of us are unhappy with the TA and embarrassed by the witch-hunt of the Planning Board, most would agree that we have a pretty well run town, good roads, good public safety services, good library, descent beaches and boating launches and more importantly a reasonable tax rate, far better than where most of us came from. Again, I am glad to see a choice of candidates, but I am leery of the Tea Party tone that three they have been droning for years now.

Ben said...

Anonymous, 2:01, likes his/her cake and eat it too. All the goodies and low taxes too. Hmmm, I hate to burst your bubble but "spread the wealth" economy always fails.....dust off your history book and do your homework.

Your reasoning is immature and so is name calling.

Rick Heath said...

To Anon @ 2:01 As much as I was not in favor of going from the 3 member BoS to the 5, I have become used to it and in some ways it has a way of leveling out things. However, when they vote in unison time after time (as they had habit of doing a few years ago... like they'd all got together in the backroom) it matters not if there is three, five or twenty-five. So if we have some diverse opinions then so be it. I think Jean B (for one) has done an amazing job, albeit thankless at times, as one of the originals on the ABC. They had the responsibility of setting the ground rules for the future as well as weigh budgets and needs with dreams and wants. And then all they can do is suggest. If you think that is "just saying no" then you have a warped sense of the duty they had to fulfill. And if you think that "some" of us are "unhappy" about the deceitful, fraudulent sham that these PUBLIC OFFICALS put this town and the two falsely accused volunteer servants through then sir, you are part of the problem.