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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reminder:Meet the Candidates Night Sunday March 1st 6:30pm LIons Club

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Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

A tough job done by the Village Vision Committee!

Many Thanks!

This might come up in tonight's candidates' meeting.

2015 Warrant Article 8

"To see if the Town will vote to endorse the report of the Village Vision Committee, dated January 28,2015, which lays out a vision for the redevelopment of the village and the means of achieving the same."

We should be voting on the Feb.19th report at Town meeting, not the Jan.28th report. Just do a floor amendment.

Also, the legislative body doesn't need to "endorse," nor "receive," the report ... only "acknowledge" the report, and thank those hardy few that developed the report.

Village Vision Report


See ya at tonight's meeting.