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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teachers CBA Contract Agreement Cost Increase On the School District Warrant

The ABC provides a thorough review of the contract agreement which can be found here on the Town website.
The article we will be voting on  is Article 1 below. If defeated, Article 2 asks for approval to hold a special meeting to address Article 1 cost items only.


Apple a Day said...

The names of all town and school employees along with their salaries was at one time printed in the back of the annual town report. The practice was stopped years ago. The reason given, it was too expensive to print. The information is available at town hall and the records can be viewed by the public or printed for a fee.

Blogger, this is the electronic age! What's the procedure to get this information up on the town/school websites? It is public information and should be readily available to those that pay the bill.

Both said...

For years we have heard the twisted excuse that there is no room to print that in annual report.....that we are trying to keep the cost down on the annual report. AND voters wonder why we need a new town administrator. It is exactly the bucket of minuta like this, the reason to throw him out.
Was said there was not even room to print the total value of town owned property...one stinking line..no space. Are we stupid, or apathetic, or both ?