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Monday, February 16, 2015

Transportation Alternatives Program

TAP grants came up during the Budget and Warrant hearing February 5th in regards to the petitioned warrant article 30 seeking $85,000 for engineering, acquisition of rights of way or easements,legal cost, plans etc, for a section of sidewalks in Moultonborough village. Can we possibly get funding through a TAP grant which could pay for 80% of the cost?
According to NH DOT "The goal of the federally-funded Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is to provide choices for non-motorized users that are safe, reliable, and convenient.
TAP was created under a federal law known as Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) to consolidate many stand-alone programs into a single, more flexible program. Programs replaced by TAP are Safe Routes to School, Recreational Trails, Transportation Enhancement, and Scenic and Cultural Byways. The Recreational Trails Program is administered by the Department of Resource and Economic Development."

Here are the projects approved for 2015 contained in a press release dated February 6th 2015:

Community     Federal Share             Project
Nashua                  $400,000                               Multi-use path and pedestrian bridge over Nashua Canal
Salem                    $326,400                               Multi-use path along the existing M&L rail corridor
Colebrook            $639,600                               Complete the streets, Main Street Project
Laconia                 $503,930                               Sidewalk upgrades and river walk on River Street
Claremont            $477,519                               New sidewalks on East St. and Woodman trail improvements
Exeter                   $600,000                               Widen shoulders on Kingston Rd. (NH 111) for 1.1 mi.
Brookline             $440,000                               Sidewalks in two locations and multi-use path
Merrimack          $436,000                               Construct 2,500 ft. of non-motorized multi-use path
Dover                    $320,000                               Multi-use path connecting Dover Community Trail
Henniker              $240,020                               Sidewalks on Rush Rd., Maple St., Prospect St. and Hall Ave.
Keene                    $329,292                               Bike lane markings, improve bike/ped crossing at West                                                                            Street underpass, and improvements to Ami Brown Road
Manchester          $640,000                               Multi-use path along Baker St. Brown Ave, Dubisz St.,                                                                           and Sundial Ave.

The grant awards are a competitive process. These 12 recipients were chosen from among 42 applicants. There is a guidance document  that explains the mandatory steps required to apply.
In my opinion and only after reading the information on the NH DOT website, approving the warrant article will not preclude the Town from applying or receiving a grant, but I would expect that this will be investigated and confirmed before Town Meeting as the voting public will certainly want to know this information upfront. 


For Rational Expenditures said...

We should definitely seek a TAP grant and amend Article 30 to provide a requirement to first seek a TAP grant before any money can be expended and second to limit the amount to be spent to 20 % of the grant not to exceed $17,000.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

NH Statute for 10 Year Plan:


"Under New Hampshire law, sidewalks are expressly made a part of the highway, and maintenance responsibilities apply to the sidewalk. See Gossler v. Miller, 107 N.H. 303 (1966) and Hall v. Manchester, 40 N.H.410 (1860)."

"... the statutes remain clear as to who is in control of which class of highway and whose decision will be implemented."


"For many years, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation policy has been that it will not maintain a sidewalk in any area under its responsibility other than a sidewalk on a bridge. In areas where new state highways are created or existing highways are altered, the department will not construct a sidewalk within its right of way unless the municipality commits in writing to assume all ongoing maintenance of the sidewalk. In such areas, the state department retains all control over design, location, and specifications of the sidewalk, even though it will not maintain the area once opened to the public."




NH sidewalks:




This post is not a "position paper" ... just FYI.

What's the Point said...

The Town Planner is on the record that sidewalks at this time are premature. What's the point paying a Town Planner when his expertise is ignored?

Anonymous said...

Again the Sidewalk advocate and BoS are jumping the gun. First get a proper plan from the hopefully soon to arrive Village Vision Report. Then line up sources for funding. Then and only then should the taxpayers be asked to contribute.

BOS. Put the horse before the cart.

tired of keeping up with the "burbs" said...

Mission Creep... The idea, or in government speek "The Concept". The after throwing it up against a wall and pretending it stuck comes... Justification "it will only add pennies to our tax rate"... then Assumed Acceptance "Every citizen I have talked with thinks this is a great idea"... then a little common sense from those not wanting another useless project "A town this size without so much as a painted cross walk needs not have side walks and after the money spent for the failed Moultonborough Neck Path we may not be in the mood for another un-needed gilded lily." Then the mission creep... "It has been suggested and everyone is on board" "Village Vision? Why this is the way they would want to go... Lets have a side walk committee; They'll tell us what we need"
This is how a group of three people can get a project into the Moultonborough scenery that they had when they lived in MA, CT, NY wherever. Let's call it never-never-land and have landed in formerly low tax Moultonborough.