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Friday, February 20, 2015

Village Vision Committee February 10th 2015

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Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

I was debating with myself on which post to place this "barb".

This will do ... a blood-shot "vision" on a process that needs review and change.

A Vision of MoBo might include some comments on governance.

"Preparation of monthly budget reports for Board of Selectmen, Department Heads, Budget Committee, and/or anyone expressing an interest or need in the Town's financial performance and health."


Why doesn't MoBo have a monthly budget status report? Novel thought, is it?

Post it on the town website?
Transparency in governance? OMG!

Why does it have an "advisory budget committee", with no legal authority?

Why doesn't it have an "official budget committee" that has legal statutory authority of the budget, and up to 12 members.

Why do 5 BoS members provide the budget, in addition to their statutory "Prudential Affairs" duties? Who, actually, comes up with the budget? You actually believe it's the BoS!

Why does the BoS "respond" to an ABC? Is it supposed to make MoBo citizens understand, either/neither group is clairvoyant in their opinions, ... especially with the paucity of relevance of their opinions, to the budget numbers?

"Numbers" are justified in the budget-proposal process, not the actuals. The actuals show the accuracy to budget, or deviation.

Let's see ... budget is ... actuals are ... DUH!


Why all the budget commotion at the end of the fiscal year? Why isn't done and reported ... monthly?

Don't tell those of us, who have worked/managed in the commercial sector, that "complexity" of the process prevents a monthly report.

Don't even think about that comment. That would get you an "exit" interview in the real world.

If you're a department head, and come in, frequently, with year-end surpluses of 20% or more, you shouldn't be getting a gold star.

You'd be demonstrating your disqualification for budgeting the department,... and should be asked, to not let the door, hit you in the *ss, on the way out the door to you next job.