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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to Business

I'm sure no one needs a reminder that Town Meeting and Annual School District meeting is this Saturday. The School District meeting will start promptly at 9am and after a short intermission, the Town Annual meeting will begin. Short and sweet or long and contentious remains to be seen.
Here is a link to all the Town Meeting information on the Town website. (Try to get there early so we can begin on time and get out early enough to enjoy the forecasted snow.)

Monday March 16th is the next meeting regarding the UNH Gym/Feasibility Study. That is scheduled to begin at 9am. The ballot recount for the very close selectmen race will begin at 10am. One can reasonably expect that the results will be finalized shortly thereafter and the winners duly sworn in.
Thursday  March 19th, the joint School Board/BoS subcommittee will meet at 9am in Town Hall.
This will be followed by the BoS meeting at 7pm.

Lots to do this year for all our local boards and if you have time to help, we are always in need of volunteers. Click here for more information.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"I think at last check we had something like 82 languages represented at Central.." (see URL at bottom)

Let's hope MoBo can, at least, agree to communicate amongst its citizenry.

The town meeting is a start. BoS meetings and other municipal meetings can dispel rumors, and provide opportunity to find out reality and, maybe, truth.

It will be rare, for total agreement, amongst everybody, but we are a Republic, and we owe it to ourselves to participate.

Just send a note, maybe an email, to the BoS about a concern and ask the Chair to read it out loud, at the "Correspondence" or "Citizen Input" sections of the business BoS meeting.

The BoS meetings are about two hours, a couple days a month.

Most of the meetings are on video, if you can't attend. A lot of the other Municipal, School, and Library meetings are on video, and maybe, some day, they'll all be streamed live over the internet (Tech Fund).

Maybe those of you that "Tweet" on Twitter can Tweet the BoS at the meeting and watch their reaction.

The members of all the committees, Boards, and any other "public" body subject to RSA 91-A "Right-To-Know law, should be aware that even those Macs seen at the school Board meetings are subject to R-T-K and subpoena power , even if personal devices. Just tell the courts they are "personal" notes and not "meeting" notes, and maybe you'll "skate" (doubtful)!

I don't Tweet, nor have I figured out how to real-time send, over the internet, something I have heard some folks, hunters I think, saying about "shooting-the-bird to the BoS". They must have been discussing turkeys.


Quid, Me Anxius Sum!


Anonymous said...

Blogger, the joint school board/select board 9am sub committee meeting Thursday March 19th is NOT posted on the town calendar. If the reason is there is no room to post another meeting can the town remedy the this.

I realize these meetings are posted in the Town Hall but it's not unreasonable to expect a full listing of ALL public meetings be posted electronically on the town website.

No to Historical District said...

Please read his story in the laconia sun : http://laconiadailysun.com/index.php/newsx/local-news/84658-gilmanton-protest-petition-appears-no-negate-vote-to-allow-two-properties-to-leave-historic-district

It is exactly why we need to oppose the village vision report. A small group of people who know whats best for all of us. Don't be fooled!!

JoemCormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Please read his story in the Laconia sun ... "

Just read the article, and what caught my eye, not just the focus of the article, but who is the Town Moderator.

Moderator Mark Sisti

From another past sun article"
"... Mark Sisti, a prominent criminal attorney from Gilmanton ..."

Maybe criminal attorneys are needed for town moderation, facilitation, or BoS meetings :)

The question would be for which, the legislative body, or the governing body!

Just kidding.

We may need some lame attempts at humor, for the Town Meeting.

Hopefully, the weather won't keep voters away. We've been getting enough snow-jobs in this town1