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Saturday, March 28, 2015

BoS March 26th Work Session Highlights

  • We approved a new Performance Evaluation tool that will be used for all employees beginning this year. It is modeled after the form used in Gilford.
  • A contract was signed on March 23rd 2015 with Emery and Garrett in Meredith, a groundwater consulting firm to assist in finding a solution to the elevated chloride water problem at the highway garage.  The contract calls for an evaluation of the water supply options  and how to mitigate the impacts of sodium chloride at an estimated cost of $3,750. Other options will be explored by the town as well. 
  • Test borings on the slab in the Public Safety Building will be conducted when the weather gets a bit warmer.The purpose is to determine ( hopefully once and for all) exactly what is under the portion of the sunken slab.  The company that will do the drilling uses propane powered equipment so the building will need to be adequately ventilated. 
  • Village sidewalks- The Town Engineer has recommended three firms to survey the proposed route as defined in the warrant article. That was explained as the logical first step to move the wishes of the legislative body forward in a timely manner.
  • Lastly, an ambitious BoS work plan for 2015 was just about finalized , and each BoS member will take the lead on the various goals we have set out.


Start To Do Things Right said...

The second item, groundwater and subsurface salt pollution at the HiWay barn needs the scope of this study clearly defined. The consultants hired are noted salt polution remediation experts. If we allow them to do their. Job, we may be able to remediate town property which has high salt issue. Currently the focus of the study is just water quality at the highway barn, for washing trucks, which will agrivate the issue. This is an ideal issue where Conservation. Commission should take the lead to defend the " headwater of Salmon Meadow Cove " They have been silent. The final report from E and G needs to be made public. There have been too many stories on cause here to continue to belive the town spokesman.

Anonymous said...

The Hiway salt issue is a fine example of a harmful double standard. Any citizen increasing the salt pollution would be crucified by the planning board, and the ZBA. Why hasn't this gone before P And Z, with a request for a Conservation Commission review? At the 2013 BOS election we heard members maintain that the town should follow it's own rules. Here is a critical opportunity..

For Transparency said...

I'm surprised there is no report on the progress and process to replace the Town Administrator, hopefully with citizen input from the entire political spectrum.

The entire Town is awaiting some indication on how this will be accomplished with transparency.