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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More on Candidates Night

(A good article in the Citizen Monday by Bob Martin ) 

By BOB MARTIN | Mar 02, 2015
MOULTONBOROUGH — More than 50 residents braved the snow to hear from the candidates in the upcoming town elections, with a notable race for board of selectmen.
Candidates include John R. Anderson, Josh Bartlett, Jean Beadle, Chuck Connell and Kelly Marsh. Two seats were left vacant by Jonathan Tolman and Joel Mudget, who opted not to run again.
Kelly Marsh
Marsh, a graduate of Moultonborough Academy in the class of 1988, admits that she is a newcomer to politics. However, she said the fresh face may be exactly what the town needs on the board of selectman.
She grew up in Moultonborough, living in the Swissvale district, but moved away after graduation for work reasons. Marsh realizes this is a big thing for many graduates in Moultonborough, and one thing that should be addressed to keep younger people around town. She has worked as a firefighter and paramedic for Belmont for 10 years and volunteers for the Moultonborough Fire Department. She also owns a small business where she instructs CPR.
Marsh said she will be a “watchdog” of tax dollar spending. She added that she will approach each meeting and vote with a fresh perspective.
“I will represent you, the townspeople,” said Marsh. “If there ever comes a time where I have to choose between something I would like and something you, as a resident, would like me to vote on, then I would choose you. I am your representative.”
Chuck Connell
Connell has lived in Moultonborough for almost 20 years and for 11 of them he served as the town administrator. He has also been the town manager of Littleton and the town administrator in Henniker. He spent eight years involved in economic and community development where he wrote and administered grants, guided master plan efforts and worked to bring jobs into the region he worked for.
“I have experience serving the board of selectmen and the legislative body in the policies and decisions that most groups make, and seeing that they are implemented responsible to the board of selectmen,” Connell said.
As a selectman, he commits that he will listen more than he talks, as well as being accessible to the residents. He will also commit to supporting residents’ right to know what is happening in town.
Jean beadle
Beadle is chairman of the Advisory Budget Committee and has lived in Moultonborough for the past nine years.
She is a certified public accountant with a degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration. She started her career in 1972 as a staff accountant, when it was rare to find a woman in her field. She ended the career as the chief financial officer in a $600 million public company in New Jersey.
Beadle also prides in her work on the Advisory Budget Committee, broadband working group, master plan subcommittee for facilities, heritage committee and more. She said she has regularly attended at least 90 percent of all selectmen’s and Planning Board meetings over the last eight years.
Beadle understands the need for a business-friendly environment and support career opportunities for families. She will support careful efforts to protect town’s rural character and natural resources.
“I am a fiscal conservative that exercises common sense leadership and applies a common sense approach to whatever I do,” Beadle said.
Josh Bartlett
Bartlett is chairman of the Planning Board, and admits there are some who may disagree with him from time to time, but that there are many more things they will agree on. He promises to listen to the residents’ concerns and he welcomes people to let him in on their ideas.
“We have some real challenges coming up, but inter-town cooperation and working together as a community can make them less difficult,” Bartlett said.
Bartlett said Moultonborough is blessed with many resources, starting with its employees in the town departments who are eager to do their jobs as best as possible. He commended the town volunteers, as well as the “wonderful” town facilities.
Bartlett also said Moultonborough has some of the best natural resources around with lakes, ponds, hills for hiking and walking – all being kept open by land owners and public and private groups. He commended the tax payers and voters who make the community what it is.
Bartlett said he has a proven record and knows many in the community. He serves as a volunteer on the Capital Improvements Committee, Village Vision Committee and library trustees. In his career he has worked for both large and small companies in the construction business. He has also held a teaching certificate, real estate license and been a small business owner.
“If elected I will be honored to use my passion, my principles, and these many varied experiences to serve you as the selectman for our town,” said Bartlett.
Anderson has been a resident of Moultonborough for 11 years and is making his second bid for selectman. He originally hailed from Lynn, Mass. but moved here for the values in Moultonborough.
“They didn’t want all kinds of flamboyant things from the government, they just wanted the town to be a nice community,” said Anderson. “Everything we have in the town is very nice, we have everything we need. I do not believe in big government. Big government only spends money and I don’t want them spending mine.”
John R. Anderson
Anderson said he is against the town building “all kinds of expensive facilities that only a few people are going to use.” He said he will try to keep the taxes low.

Other contested races include a one year term for town treasurer. Amanda Berquist and Laura Hilliard are vying for one seat. Three candidates are running for two seats on the Zoning Board, including Robert St. Peter, Timothy Tinel and Robert Zewski.
Voting will take place on March 10 at the Moultonborough Life Safety Building.

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