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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Moultonboro 2015 Town Meeting March 14th, 2015


Good Singing said...

That was a beautiful singing of the Star Spangled Banner....perfect tempo, and Fine harmony. So good to hear it done traditionally.....not tourtured
The rest of the meeting went down hill from there.

A Cappella said...

The two young ladies who sang the National Anthem at Town Meeting made beautiful music. Their fine harmony was done without the help of any accompaniment but as Good Singing said the meeting went down hill after that.

Perhaps if voters were left on their own without the rancor of Town Meeting, they too would make beautiful music.

It's no wonder attendance at Town Meeting is so poor. The majority of voters are not willing to sit for 6 hours or more and listen to one sided arguments fraught with erroneous facts.

Town Meeting is all about confrontation and debate. The average voter does not enjoy confrontation or debate. The majority of those at Town Meeting are reluctant to offer an opinion or a challenge. Why subject themselves to verbal abuse or intimidation when they know it might anger others.

Perhaps the reason so many towns chose SB2as their form of government is because voters can vote in the privacy of a booth. Just as voters go to the polls in State and Federal elections they do the same with SB2.

With SB2 there is no fear of harassment or intimidation. Polls are open from 7am to 7pm on Ballot Day for convenience. Those that are unable to get to the polls for personal reasons vote by Absentee Ballot. Voter participation is significantly higher with SB2.

Don't listen to the nay sayers who proclaim the sky will fall if we don't have Town Meeting. Or you're too dumb to figure it out on your own and need the help of accompaniment.

Honestly folks give some thought to SB2, it will make for beautiful music and a more harmonious Moultonborough.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Folks, lets focus on the outcomes of the meeting in terms of comments and not the personalities. I have withheld a fair amount of comments because of that. Any complaints/concerns should be officially directed to the BoS and/or Moderator.
Thank You.

Rick Heath said...

With all due respect Blogger, some of the activity at the town/school meetings should be part of the discussion because it is one of the strongest arguments anti SB2 people used for fighting that effort. For instance, more than one person at that meeting speaking in favor of spending the money for the STUDY of revamping the ball field thought it was for the whole job... and "a great deal". No names. AND I don't believe for a second that anyone was properly educated with the misinformation regarding the CIPC's responsibility in considering ALL projects over $10k.
With information supplied to the voter in a SB2 town after the deliberative session and 30 days to consider it people at least have the opportunity to educate themselves outside of the "heat of battle" that present town meetings are limited to.
It is lack of information that controls town meetings.

Rick Heath said...

Oh... and by the way... great job of singing by the very talented young ladies. It was the highlight of the day.

Anonymous said...

So much gets packed into the annual meeting that there is pressure to move too quickly through the issues. Now that ordinances need to be brought to town meeting too, it will only get worse. Why not schedule a second town meeting, held six months later (September). This would let more business be conducted and attract more of the seasonal residents.

Anonymous said...

If people were misinformed about the $15,000 for the softball field at playground drive, ten that is on them because they did not listen. The rec director clearly stated that it was o get the information to see what the best options were for the field. She said at least twice that before any work was approved it would have to come back before the legislative body at Town Meeting for a vote. SB2 is not going to fix citizens not paying attention.

SB2 is the way to goe said...

Another meeting? Town can't get voters to Town Meeting, doubt they'll come to a second meeting. SB2 solves the problem.

Can't fix stupid said...

To Anon @ 8:47... SB2 will not "fix" citizens for lack of attention. But they won't be voting in the heat of discussion and they will have time to read and ask questions (those who wish to). The argument from those vilifying SB2 was that it would force people to vote "uneducated" because they would not be part of the discussion.
We'll always have people voting who have not paid attention... look what they did in the last presidential election.

Anonymous said...

I believe that we are all entitled to our own opinions, and we should keep in mind that that's just what we are reading here and not necessarily facts, aside from the beautiful singing of course.

I enjoy the camaraderie and feeling of community in these meetings and heard others state the same. There were disagreements on issues, but there was also a good deal of smiles and laughter.

I feel that we are more likely to hear truth, having potential backup and open discussions of alternate ideas in an open forum, rather than only opinions written to the editor of local papers. Often times these appear designed to mislead or push an agenda, rather than publish entire facts.

I think many are afraid to loose the sense of community we move to an SB2 form of government. I think folks are also afraid that the only information that some folks will base their opinions and their votes on would be on the opinions written in the local papers, not having the open forum at the time of the vote.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Maybe I'm from a different planet ... probably am. I'm looking for facts!

Would someone, luminary or not, explain the difference between the camaraderie, feeling of community, open discussions,sense of community, and all the rest, that would be had at a SB-2 Deliberative Session, versus an annual town meeting!

What's the difference ... except not understanding what SB-2 is ... not MoBo's previous attempts.


Anyone not attending a town meeting, still won't, and will continue to get their information else.

Under SB-2, you would still get to meet the same people. The difference is you would get a lot more time to digest in the open session (deliberative session), what you've heard, debated, and you get to vote many days later, with no pressure, at the voting booth.

Another difference is they are all secret ballots. Is that a problem or a good thing?

A problem with SB-2 might be the misinformation from the past, and the present doomsayers.

Please, save the crap about the towns returning to annual meetings, and I'll save the rhetoric about power hungry townies!

... and I didn't put in any RSA's.

Can't fix stupid said...

Anon at 9:46
If you had the purse strings of 4000 people in your hands and had to make a decision to buy or not to buy, or how much to spend or not to spend of their money on "town widgets" would you go to a public auction and have all of sometimes 3-4 minutes to educate your self as to what to do with information that is given you as the auction progresses and changes prices and even widgets change? Or would you (and I assume you are not of the "misinformed" variety and are able to make an informed decision)take the time to educate yourself, try to convince friends of like mind, and enjoy the privacy of the voting booth (peace and quiet) to spend that money? I can always enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow townspeople at the many venues outside of town hall.

For SB2 said...

Dear Anonymous @9:46, In response to your comment.

"I think many are afraid to loose the sense of community we move to an SB2 form of government. I think folks are also afraid that the only information that some folks will base their opinions and their votes on would be on the opinions written in the local papers, not having the open forum at the time of the vote."

What community? Do you really think 220 people at town meeting represents our "community?" What about the other 3700 people that live in Moultonborough, are they not part of the "community?" Do their opinions not matter?

As for getting information you only need to go to the town website to find minutes and videos of meetings. The blog also provides many videos or links to School/ Selectmen, Planning, Zoning Board and committee meetings.

If you don't like the commentary on the blog, skip it and go straight to the videos and hear what is said straight from the horses mouth.

Let people form their own opinions without being spoon fed information at Town Meeting that may or may not be factual.