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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Year , New Meetings

Seems like we just finished the 2015 budget, but it's on to next year already.
Ther BoS will meet today in a work session and on the table for discussion is our work plan for 2015. There are many projects and "to do's" on our plate this year and we need to figure out how we are going to accomplish the goals we've set out.
Other committees are also about to get back to work.  The CIPC will hold it's kickoff meeting for the next 6 year capital budget cycle on April 9th at 10am in Town Hall. The Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) will meet on April 23rd with a newly revised, broader charge.( The MPIC is in need of citizen volunteers for two open seats one for a citizen at large and one for a business owner at large.) The Planning Board will be actively engaged in the next steps of the new Master Plan and a strategy to get there is underway.
We have a Town Engineer search committee underway and set to meet Tuesday's at 10 for the next four or five weeks.
The School Board will meet Tuesday April 14th.
There will be a 2015 Roads Informational Meeting on April 20th. Finally, and I'm sure I must have missed a few, the UNH Feasibility Study Committee will resume on April 2nd at 9am in Town Hall.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

2016 Warrant ... let the fun begin!

2015 Article 30 voted yes.

$85,000 for ... sidewalk construction.

How about the town start with the Adele property it bought. We own the property. There's been some talk about a Town Common as well as sidewalks.

How about a section of sidewalk in front of a Town Common that is now the Adele property.

"Bite off" a bit of sidewalks, see what happens, and put the taxpayer money spent on the Adele property to use, to "market" MoBo, beautify the "Village", etc.

Article 30 authorizes the BoS to "... appropriate and in the best interest of the town ...".

Article 30 doesn't stipulate the $85,000 has to raised and spent as a lump sum.

I'm not suggesting that a project be "nickel and dimed" to death, just suggesting a modicum of compromise, in the near term, regarding sidewalks and alternatives.

Open Space said...

Sorry Joe, but our Town Administrator declared the Taylor Property is for commercial development.....he never heard the survey. With most looking for open space.
Would be a great space for a second 7 - 11 store. Yes, a second. We need to fight to keep it open.

bait and switch? said...

Can someone please let us know the final accounting on the money for this town acquired property? What did we ultimately pay? What came back to us in scholarship funds available? Who is on the scholarship committee? How much will be awarded each year? What is the selection criteria? Etc. Thank you.